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Re: [SLE] CNN, SusE, Lousy PR
  • From: JerryKreps@xxxxxxxxxx (Jerry L Kreps)
  • Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 06:51:55 -0600
  • Message-id: <38C2586B.496AC5C9@xxxxxxxxxx>

Joe Hylkema wrote:
> At the risk of starting a flamewar, I completely agree with Miss Black. I
> reject the idea that Linux can't compete with M$ on the desktop, especially
> in a corporate environ ment.
> As for compatibility with M$ apps, I regularly open my papers that I did on
> Word 6.0 a few years back, print them, and hand them in this semester as my
> "research project" using WordPerfect 8 for Linux. And the price was right
> - free as opposed to $300 - $1,000 for M$ Office. :) Works beautifully.
> I need Money$uck for two things. One of them is watching my DVD movies
> (I have an ATI Rage Fury DVD-accelerated video card and ATI has been less
> than forthcoming with Linux support. If anyone can help out here let me
> know.) The other is doing my homework for my "Programming with Visual
> BASIC" course. Don't really have a choice there, do I? And as I mentioned
> earlier, I'm only a couple of notches above a desktop user. I'm not a
> hacker by any means.
> I disgree with Miss Black about the Netscape crashes somewhat - Netscape
> does crash, but it crashes MUCH less often than Internet Exploder.
> On another note, I think preconfigured, preloaded Linux boxes would be an
> excellent choice for users like Susan, the secretary at my church. In her
> words "I only use a comptuer because I have to and I don't give a shit how
> it works, just make it work!" Which would be a better choice for the

Your CHURCH secretary uses that kind of language?
I'm stunned.

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