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Re: [SLE] Zip 100 ATAPI

On Fri, 03 Mar 2000, Philipp Thomas wrote:
> * jan vermeulen (j.vermeulen@xxxxxxxxxxxx) [000303 03:08]:
> > It's there already as /dev/hdd. Just mount it as type msdos (don't try
> > anything else, it's bound to fail or at least give trouble).
> Hogwash! If this is a standard preformatted ZIP disk, vfat works just as
> well and offers you also long file names. If one doesn't need to also read
> the disk under another OS, I'd recommend formatting them with an ext2
> filesystem.

I'll second Philipp on this one. I've been using VFAT since I first got this
disk, and I've never had a bit of trouble. Some have reported that some kernel
revisions do nasty things to VFAT disks in Zip drives, but I *personally* have
never had any trouble aside from using cheap-@$$ media.

On a side note: I've used Sony, Fujitsu, and Fuji disks. All have failed
inside of 12 months. OTOH, I have a Genuine Iomega disk that's 3 years old.
Pay the extra $2 US for Iomega media; because you're data is worth it (tm).

Jon Pennington | Atipa Linux Solutions -o)
jpennington@xxxxxxxxx | Kansas City, MO /\\
816-241-2641 x121 | _\_V

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