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RE: [SLE] ICE Window Manager

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, Yatsen Ng wrote:
> > 1. Explicit Keygrabs prevent it from being ICCCM-Compliant (aka Hotkeys). This
> > means that some UNIX implementations of X11 will not play nicely.
> > 2. The Dock is too much. Too many functions. Window managers should
> > manage windows, and that's all.
> > 3. The Iconification of a window chews up valuable real-estate.
> > 4. ImLib, though fast, is still considered bloat in my book ;)
> Thanks for the info. Could you explain a bit more about the Dock being too
> much? In your opinion, which functions are obsolete?

I mean exactly what I said; that a window manager should manage windows ;).
An application requests windows (such as the KMail window that I'm working in
right now), and a window manager should draw the windows. On the same level, a
`dockapp' is nothing more than an application with tight standards concerning
it's geometry (so many pixels wide, so many pixels tall); ergo the window
manager should manage dockapps as well (as Slit does in bb). Anything more
than drawing windows for an application or a dockapp is (or should be) handled
by an external application. The WMaker clip is nearly worthless to me, since I
can anchor any window to all workspaces. WMakerConf is a nifty tool, but
requires too much real estate (72x72 pixels, configurable) ;).

I (personally) don't like on-screen icons. BB provides a mechanism in the
workspace list to see iconified applications. Since bb supports windowshade
operation, I almost never use iconification anyway. BB also provides
mechanisms for the appearance of window decoration (Styles), window placement,
and front-to-back window behavior, all contained in the root window menu. One
of my only wishes would be for bb to support the KWin hints that provide sound
events ;).

Jon Pennington | Atipa Linux Solutions -o)
jpennington@xxxxxxxxx | Kansas City, MO /\\
816-241-2641 x107 | _\_V

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