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[SLE] Further to: Re: [SLE] Who compiles code?

On Feb 16, 2000, Jerry L Kreps wrote:
> Also, it is clearly stated in the YaST help when one can
> install gccfront and when one shouldn't.

Well, since I'm the one who kicked off this convoluted thread with a
compile question, and who subsequently learned--courtesy of Philipp
Thomas at part of my problem lay in installing the
"wrong" compiler, I must disagree with you there.

YaST's info screens are not clear on the choice of compilers, to my way
of thinking.

---------- Quoted from YaST info screens (F2) -------------
Package gcc -- The GNU C compiler and support files

NOTE: Be sure to install at least the following packages besides this
one, or you won't be able to compile: binutils, include, libc, and
the third part of the kernel source. (the include files)

Package gccfront -- frontend for gcc-2.7.2.x

This is the part of gcc-2.7.2.x that is located in /usr/bin. It has
been split off to allow coexisting install of egcs and gcc. To use
gcc-2.7.2.x as default compiler, please deinstall egcs and install this
package (gccfront).

Package egcs -- the egcs-compiler

This is the present state of the egcs-compiler-development. Unfortunately
it is not advisable to compile a 2.0.x kernel with this compiler yet.

All this tells me is that I shouldn't use egcs for 2.0.x kernels. It
also conveniently tells me what other packages I need to compile with
gcc, and how to use gcc as the default compiler. The implication is
clear that gcc is a perfectly acceptable compiler. Only with the
benefit of hindsight and Mr. Thomas' observations do I NOW know that
this isn't quite the case.

Of course, after those comments from Paul Abrahams about X not reading
his .Xdefaults file after deleting gcc, and Phillp's acknowledgement
that a 'ln -s /lib/cpp /usr/bin/cpp' would be needed, I'm still not
perfectly confident that a switch from gcc to egcs will be a pain-free
visit to YaST.

Howard Arons

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