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Re: [SLE] backing up a partition
  • From: pinard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (François Pinard)
  • Date: 08 Feb 2000 09:10:34 -0500
  • Message-id: <oqwvofvl7p.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

tabanna <tabanna@xxxxxxxxxxx> écrit:

> > Indeed. `rsync' is a wonderful tool, which should be known.

> ~ do please expand :)

`rsync' is especially useful when synchronising big hierarchies over a
slow communication link, as it only transmit _differences_ between files.
For me, this greatly speeds things up, often by a factor of thousands.
Let me add one more little mind teaser. I leave you to guess how `rsync'
succeeds in computing differences, without transferring the files :-).

I often synchronise many hierarchies at once, and use `make' to do so
with its parallelising feature (like `-j4'). This makes very good use
of computer and communication resources. I'm surprised to see how well
`rsync' keeps the communication busy in both directions (receiving and
sending), and balanced with disk accesses and moderate CPU usage.

You can trigger `rsync' remotely using `rsh' or `ssh', yet I usually
install an `rsync' server only on the machine where I keep originals,
and synchronise from everywhere by connecting to that server.

P.S. - Long ago, I once wrote something to do remote synchronisation of
remote directories, using email as a vehicle. It is called `remsync'
and is available within GNU `shar' utilities. I used `remsync' a great
deal, and invested a lot of work in it. Yet, when Jim Meyering discovered
`rsync', he told me, I tried it, and was astonished. After a few weeks of
experimentation, I completely lost interest in `remsync', and do not think
I'll ever use it again. I'll rather find ways to retrofit `remsync' into
`rsync', if I had no choice than using fully off-line, non-IP connections.

François Pinard

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