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Re: [SLE] cdr/cdrw

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Lenz Grimmer wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Ole Kofoed Hansen wrote:
> > Since I can see on this list that a lot of people have difficulties
> > configuring their hardware on SuSE, a feature that allows automatic
> > installation and configuration of hardware would be interesting to
> > many. After all, if enough people want it, it might end up in SuSE
> > 7.x.
> Your pleas are heard and recognized. The upcoming YaST2 for SuSE Linux 6.4
> will have numerous improvements in the area of hardware
> detection/configuration.

Along these same lines, configuration of an ATAPI CD-R or CD-RW requires
violation of the support contract (you must recompile the kernel). Is this
fixable? Obviously, if IDE-CDROM is built into the kernel (not as a module),
there is no chance of the IDE-SCSI or SCSI-G modules to grab it.

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