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Re: [opensuse-wiki] Why is this acceptable?

Am Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2017, 14:10:16 CET schrieb Christoph Wickert:
That's a very noble goal, that I can wholeheartedly support. As
someone who has been around in the Fedora community for over a
decade, I still find many things about openSUSE confusing.

Can you please list these confusing things?
I'm probably routine-blinded and don't notice them anymore ;-) [1]

new contributors onboarded quickly is definitely something we should
focus on when we improve the wiki.

Something like a "New Contributors Guide" would be pretty cool to
have. Anybody (with more experience than me) wants to work on that? I
would offer being the guinea pig and ask all the questions newbies
have. ;-)

Wrong attemp - someone with more experience can't write such a guide ;-)

I'd write the "New Contributors Guide" in one sentence - "just do it!".
While this is IMHO the most important thing to learn in openSUSE
(actually in any open source project), it probably isn't too helpful for
new contributors. Again, I'm probably routine-blinded ;-)

Therefore I'd propose that _you_ start to write this guide. You already
have a bit of experience, but are not as routine-blinded as I might be,
and probably remember which of your first steps were most difficult.
Also, while writing the guide, you'll find out which questions are easy
to answer (so you just need to link to the respective wiki page etc.)
and which are hard to answer (which means missing or hard to find

If you can't answer a question yourself, feel free to ask on the
mailinglist. I'll also be available to proofread if whatever you write
makes sense or if it needs adjustments. So - did I already mention that
you should "just do it" without being afraid of mistakes? [2]


Christian Boltz

[1] Just to give you an idea - I use SuSE Linux since 7.3 (IIRC), and
became a betatester in 9.2 after asking and answering too many
questions on the suse-linux (nowadays opensuse-de) mailinglist.

[2] Mistakes are a good thing because you learn something from them ;-)

I can do better things with my life and free time then to just scroll
up and down on a mailing list.
Come on, let's not be childish!
That's where the children come from: scrolling up and down with your
wife. [>> houghi, > Christoph Thiel and Eberhard Moenkeberg in opensuse]

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