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Re: [opensuse-wiki] Why is this acceptable?

Am Dienstag, 3. Januar 2017, 16:40:14 CET schrieb Carlos E. R.:
On 2016-12-31 17:53, Sarah Julia Kriesch wrote:
Me, I find writing on the wiki a bit cumbersome, but it is an easy
access place for both writers and readers.

Can you describe what "a bit cumbersome" is?
You can fix only issues, if you know the problem.

No, there is no way to repair that, it is by design of a "wiki"
system. For instance, it is not WYSIWYG.

One has to know "keywords" that should result in a certain format,
then ask the system to produce the output and see the result. If it
is not as wanted, change and repeat procedure.

Time for a funny story ;-)

I'm admin on two wikis for gardeners and wine growers. When I set up
those wikis, I showed them a WYSIWYG editor that (back then) worked with

After some testing, the surprising result was that they prefer to edit
wiki source, and IIRC the reason was because "it's easier". Yes, really!

This makes the wish for a WYSIWYG editor for the openSUSE wiki (which is
edited by people who much more "computer stuff" than a typical gardener)
somewhat funny ;-)

If there is really a demand for a WYSIWYG editor, I can of course check
what's available, if it fits our needs and doesn't get in the way of
people who prefer to edit wiki source. (From a quick look, might be a good candidate.)

However, can we please do this after the wiki migration and update is
done? I already had some fun with all the extensions we use [1], and
updating everything to a new version already gives enough chances to
break something. Therefore I'd prefer not to add another extension to
the mix to avoid delays ;-)


Christian Boltz

PS: To avoid another mail about the "Mr./Ms." - well, it depends ;-)
If you write to someone the first time, using "Mr./Ms." is not really
bad, and nobody will hate you for that. Maybe that person just
thinks you are a bit too formal and/or not too familiar with the
open source community.
But if you always used the first name and suddenly switch to "Mr./
Ms.", well... ;-)

[1] To keep the "This page has been accessed NNNN times." footer [2], I
had to fix another extension. Migrating the openSUSE theme to the
latest MediaWiki also was a funny[tm] task ;-)

[2] This feature is no longer part of MediaWiki and now available as the
HitCounters extension.

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