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Re: [opensuse-wiki] Re: [opensuse-security] wiki-template: links to NVD or MITRE wanted (or both templates?)

on Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011, Marcus Meissner wrote:
The name of the template.

In the wiki I am not sure how to mark it. CVEs are CVEs, we just have
different database (Mitre, NVD, Novell). I am not sure how to mark
this up for linking.

If I got the discussion right, there is something like a "default" link
target for CVEs (Mitre?) and only in some special cases the link should
go somewhere else.

It is possible to have a "switch" on the CVE template, so you can use
something like

{{CVE|2010-001}} -> link to "default" CVE page
{{CVE|2010-001|novell}} -> link to CVE page on
{{CVE|2010-001|nvd}} -> link to NVD page

This needs some ParserFunction magic inside the template (not too
difficult) - I can help with that on request.

Of course it would also be an option to use separate templates
({{CVE|...}}, {{CVE-novell|...}} etc.


Christian Boltz
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