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[[openSUSE:Kernel_git]] and: Re: [opensuse-wiki] Redundant namespaces, in particular openSUSE:
  • From: "pistazienfresser (see profile)" <pistazienfresser@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 19:05:19 +0200
  • Message-id: <4C53064F.4050908@xxxxxx>
Hello Brandon, hello List,

On 30/07/10 17:39, Brandon Philips wrote:
On 10:33 Fri 30 Jul 2010, pistazienfresser (see profile) wrote:
c) [[openSUSE:Kernel_git]]
ca) [[Kernel]] missing: I personally miss an (introducing) article (or a
Portal?) about the kernels that come with the openSUSE distribution and
how they are made. In my opinion a short sentence and a link to the
article that is now under [[openSUSE:Kernel_git]] would be fine there.

Good idea, I will create a Kernel page.

Very, very, very cool. Thanks a lot!

I have only seen a short article in the - wiki: (DE)
and found some actual information about the kernel both as a program/a
*the* part of a linux distribution/GNU linux and as an social event/project
on h-online (English, related with Heise (DE)):

But on the forums and mailinglists are often just openSUSE related
kernel questions:
e. g.: What is the difference between/purpose of default/desktop?

cb) The content of the article
cba) The introduction:
"The openSUSE / SLE kernel git repository is located at It's not a fork of the
mainline kernel repository, but a series of patches, spec file
templates and a set of script to work with the repository."
The technical terms/ "SLE", "kernel", "repository", "fork",
"mainline", "patch", "spec", "file templates" "script" are all in the
introduction and without any explanation or definition in the article
itself or by linking to an explaining and defining article in this

Please provide links to the wiki pages that defne these things. I can
write about the Kernel team processes. But, it is unlikely I would be
able to create a readable definition of SLE, patch, spec, etc. :)
This was a remark to that article and how I would like to be a wiki
article in general in an ideal wiki.

Why should I be in the position to give you any advice?
Sorry, if that was your idea about my intention.

One of my motti/my intensions was more:
audiatur et altera pars - let also the other side be heard
There may be some reasons that this article with the 'name' "Kernel git"
is not one of the first to be shown to someone how enters this wiki. But
I do not see any reason why this article should not be shown to/should
be hidden before any user that gives "Kernel git" or "Kernel" AND "git"
to the main internal search (compare:

And if you would be willing to assist me:
I may be stupid/unknowing enough to try to make readable (but may be
technical wrong) articles about these items *in the long time*.
(I know that it is very difficult to write a short and readable article
about an issue you know to much of - you would be astonished if you
would know how much time I used for e. g.:
If I would do so I would make a draft first in my user-namespace
- would you be willing to take a look at them
if they would be in the status "to be born/to be loose free"?

d) Redundancy
If one word has different proposes on different levels it is not
redundant (but maybe it seems to be). Maybe funny, maybe ridiculous but
not redundant.

To the casual contributor, unfamiliar with the discussion and
definitions of the namespaces, the two openSUSE strings in one URL is
redundant. I spent 20 minutes reading discussions and wiki pages before
I had an OK understanding.
As you can see in my alternative description I am not happy with this
status/naming - but I do not think that now an alternative would make
less harm or and I do not think this purpose would get any support from
the wiki team in charge (

I also had asked before in this list for giving
"an example
(with article related explanation and discussion)
for the use of namespaches, categories and titles/names,"
[ ] .
but only with the result of giving me a definition page on that I had
already linked in discussion pages before.
even on the same page that was linked in my 'bidding' posting.

Hope, I made my intension and my point of view a bit more comprehensible.



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