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Re: [opensuse-wiki] German Wiki & Multi-Language Concept
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 10:16:02 +0200
  • Message-id: <x2k26d1a5471004170116q3f12d61fh6d600ad63ae3c108@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2010/4/16 Klaas Freitag <freitag@xxxxxxx>:
Am Freitag 16 April 2010 06:14:21 schrieb Rajko M.:
On Monday 12 April 2010 02:00:57 Rupert Horstkötter wrote:

To be able to adopt the new structure concept we're currently
creating at I herewith request a new temporary

Sincerely you need features that has in de.o.o not a new
wiki instance. This will be short way to have articles that are already in
place on de.o.o (and en.o.o) indexed in the way new wiki instance allows.

That way we can have instant improvement and time to use new wiki instance
research of new tools, which is language independent process, so there is no
need for more wiki.o.o versions. The only extra work for that is to copy
wiki.o.o configuration to old wikis. Our server admin can do that in a jiffy.
My humble estimate is half of hour to pick pieces from wiki.o.o and apply to
old wikis (all of them).
Do I get it right that you suggest to copy the the configuration that was
on wiki.o.o to en.o.o and de.o.o once we decide to do so instead of creating
instances, fill them and later on we switch the DNS?

I think Ruperts point is that we need a german wiki that is not the official
where people can work on to adopt it to that what the new wiki is about:
and reviewed content.

Yes, we need a German wiki.o.o instance, i.e. in order to
parallelize the migration efforts we do with the English Wiki and to
release both of them at the same time, i.e. to switch the DNS at our
target date and to keep both en.o.o and de.o.o as old Wikis until we
have all rest-content transferred to the new official Wikis. That way
we start with a fresh infrastructure instead of trying to adopt
wiki.o.o principles to de.o.o. Rajko and I had a discussion about this
two(?) months ago on IRC and I certainly took this into consideration
and investigated this opportunity, but in order to achieve our goal
(releasing English and German at the same time with the current state
of wiki.o.o) it's dissimilar harder. The German contributor group is
even ahead with the Reviewing efforts and it's much easier to
implement a 1:1 process for the German migration especially for people
that do the actual transition of content and are involved with both
Wiki Concept implementations without having any drawbacks involved. We
urgently need to take care that we make the process as easy as
possible for contributors (i.e. the very same process for both Wikis)
and I'd like to avoid discouraging the German contributor group by
being somehow blocked from the English process. Last but not least (I
mentioned this before), it's unlikely that we manage to complete
transition for all content within the old wikis (but the most
important one) and in order to switch DNS at target date it's valuable
to have fresh instances as we can keep the old ones as is until the
rest-content is migrated. I feel putting out 80% (from a content
perspective) at the the very right time (momentum of 11.3 = attention
to the Project) is a big chance for us to get more and especially new
people involved. We need to present something "sexy" in time to raise
attention and stop somehow discouraging.

Not to forget: The new Wikis are, from a structural perspective, very
much different from the old Wikis and it's dissimilar harder to
implement wiki.o.o features and principles within old instances
instead of creating a new one for the German Wiki and fill it with
reviewed content. This does not mean the technical implementation of
features within the old wikis but the adoption of the ideological

*** We need one instance for research. ***
I agree but at a point of time, this is not wiki.o.o nor any more,
because both are going to be the onces that are going to be released as new
official ones. They have to go into a release candidate state.

To have a research instance than, I suggest to create which
become the new research instance than. (Names are bogus, but you get the


I can't understand how endless blind chicken tactics to find the food (try
see) will bring any solution that we can actually use?

I'm wondering how many more skilled openSUSE users we can activate if we have
research instance and all features on language wikis?
Well, it seems that there are some quite willing people for languages, such as
german. We should not hinder them to work.

The rest you mentioned I will answer when I get time.
The end of the week is just too short and can bring more pain with rushed
baked decisions.
I guess sometimes its about moving ahead and make it possible for people to
contribute. Even more, we have good reasons to hurry if we want new wikis
by release of 11.3. And I think we should strive for that, even on the risk
that there remain questions open.

I second this. This actually is what I tried to outline above.


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