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[opensuse-wiki] German Wiki & Multi-Language Concept
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 09:00:57 +0200
  • Message-id: <l2l26d1a5471004120000y88b08e24tcacdedbc4bebc95f@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

with the new openSUSE Wiki at fast approaching and
just around the corner, we're going to put additional workforce on it
to hold the target launch date of June 1st 2010, which is prior to the
release of openSUSE 11.3.

In addition to the English Wiki, we'd love to launch the new
german wiki at the same time in order to honor the significant
reviewing contributions that had been done in the german wiki by a
dedicated group of german contributors. We also see that the
german openSUSE user community is relatively large and important
for the project and distribution.

In order to achieve this, I'd like to propose both a strategy for the
german wiki as well as a realignment of our current multi-language
concept for localized Wikis documented at

1) German Wiki
The German Community already adopted the wiki reviewing process of
existing content and actually outperformed the English efforts.
To be able to adopt the new structure concept we're currently
creating at I herewith request a new temporary

We want to parallelize the transition efforts of reviewed content
into the new instance at We'd like to build
the new German Wiki in parallel to the new English Wiki to be
able to switch both DNS entries at the same time and provide the
openSUSE Community with the appreciated outcome of both reviewing

2) Multi-Language Concept
In order to provide localized openSUSE documentation resources, i.e.
wikis to our user community, we currently follow the Wiki Translation
Process outlined at Time
has shown that this concept has several drawbacks both from a
initiating and a maintaining perspective. Thus I herewith propose the
following changes (the rest will be kept as is):

a) The initial creation of Mandatory pages, so far, has been done
within the English Master Wiki and this is suboptimal because it
fills up the master wiki.

Thus I propose to create a new languages-server
serving as a temporary instance for initial translation efforts.
That way, translators have a dedicated sandbox-server to build their
localized Wiki prior requesting their own localized instance

b) I propose to introduce more strict commitment requirements for the
maintenance of localized Wikis. Time has shown that initially created
localized Wikis remain in an outdated/obsolete state and we need to
avoid such a situation. I recommend to introduce a monthly meeting of
Wiki maintainers at #opensuse-wiki to discuss needed requirements such
as adoption of pages to new releases and syncing of content.

The latter aspect is IMO very important: The language-specific
instances aren't 1:1 copies of the english master wiki but vital
communities by itself providing openSUSE documentation for a their
target group.

This is valuable content initially created in localized wikis and
communication between maintainers is needed in order to sync (two-way
direction) content for the profit of both the English master and the
other localized Wikis. Also syncing between several localized Wikis
should be improved.

c) We should encourage localized (existing) communities to adopt the
new structure scheme of the english wiki at
Furthermore we value the adoption of our reviewing processes for
localized (existing) communities from a long-term
perspective. Experiences with the german wiki have shown that, an
engaged contributor community assumed, this is achievable. The
maintainer meeting proposed in paragraph b) should support these

d) We need to avoid "non-starters" and/or un-maintained Wikis. That
means that granting a <languagecode> DNS isn't a lifetime
guarantee. Committed maintainers should provide hand-over candidates
before they decide to move on (this certainly may happen) and instruct
them to achieve daily business. If a localized community isn't
maintained any longer for more than half a year and engagements to
revive commitment for the localized instance fail, we're going to
shutdown the localized wiki.

Due to the current state of the Wiki concept implementation with a
target launch date of June 1st 2010 for both the english and the
german wikis, I'd like to encourage everyone interested in the
discussion to focus on show-stopping aspects within the presented
concept. Please step up within one week from now on (until Sun, the
18th of April) with objections. Time is pressing and there's still
lots to do, but we're highly committed to push these efforts with
additional workforce. The goal is to generate even more fuzz for the
openSUSE project with the 11.3 release together with new sexy
instances for both the english and german wiki.

I'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions,
Rupert Horstkötter, open-slx gmbh
openSUSE Board Member
openSUSE Community Assistant
Email: rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jabber: ruperthorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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