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[opensuse-wiki] Minutes Mentoring session, December 27th
  • From: Rémy Marquis <remy.marquis@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 21:01:24 +0100
  • Message-id: <5472c28e0912291201u62bbfa65ve2031ed1d0f5e654@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Team,

Here are the Meeting Minutes of our Wiki Team mentoring session on the
27th of December 2009 at 17:00 UTC.
I'd like to encourage everyone interested in contributing to the
actual transition to contact the wiki team on this mailing list or on
#opensuse-wiki IRC channel.
Also, do not hesitate to have a look at the complete transcript of the
session - available here : - as
it is
not possible to cover every detail of the discussion we had.

The Wiki Transition has basically 2 steps :
- Step 1, Articles review in en.o.o wiki
- Step 2, Categorizing and moving articles in new instance wiki.o.o

Step 2 can't be done yet, as many things have to be prepared
(Categorization, namespace, ) or to be fixed server side after
holiday. It will not start before ~end of January and we are focusing
on Step 1 only for the moment.

For Step 1, two documents have been prepared :
- (Writing style
guide, standardized templates to be used)
(step by step howto).

Please read both documents to know what is the complete procedure to
be followed.

In short, for every wiki article, the reviewer has to do following steps :

a) Select an article from a given list
b) Check the content of the article
c) Check the format of the article, according to the newly defined Style Guide.
d) If the content or format does not follow the style rules, edit as
required, or mark the article as "non transferable"
e) Mark the corrected/cleaned article as checked

-- Transition List
Two articles lists are provided on and They were created in the
basis of general navigation and should hopefully represent the most
popular articles in the wiki.
The first on includes (more or less) End-user related doc (HowTo),
while the second list includes project, distribution and developers
related articles. Reviewers are encouraged to work on the first list
first, but it's not a strict rule. Please note that there might have
some articles that are placed on the "wrong list", or duplicated
links. The important things to remember here is that these lists are
provided as a baseline to start work with.

-- Article Template
We will use a new basic template for all HowTo / end-user related
article :
It uses what we called a "knowledge bar" ("Tested on", "Requisite articles")

-- Specific version information
We should avoid different versions of the same article for
version-specific information (ie, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2 subpages), as this
introduces more maintenance work.
- Instead, we will use a specific section in the same article.
- The reader can access the version section through the TOC, while
"Tested on" links will be linked to the distribution version page.

Please note that the "Knowledge bar" of the Article template is useful
for end-user doc, but not for project/developers documentation. If you
think it is useless on the article you are reviewing, do not use it :)

-- Capitalization
We plan to use normal capitalization for new wiki similarly to
Wikipedia standard.
- Section and subsection headers in all articles have to be changed.
- Pages need to be moved to be renamed (capitalization of Title).
- Internal wiki links have to be renamed.

-- Marked articles
Taggued articles (InReview, Reviewed, NoTransfer) will automatically
be put in a category (ie,
Unfortunately, it is not possible to trace in a simple manner the
articles "to be reviewed". In order to track the work in progress, an
asterisk (*) have to be put on the Transition List when an article is
selected to be reviewed.

The page, the
#opensuse-wiki IRC channel are to be used as an information exchange
platforms to ease the work of all reviewers.
Additionnaly, this -wiki mailing list can also be use for this purpose.

Thank again to all of you for helping in this huge cleaning task :)


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