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Re: [opensuse-wiki] wiki.o.o test of new functions
  • From: Jon Rocker <linux.learner@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 22:55:57 -0700
  • Message-id: <ae19ac280912202155o16c7efb9he9f74d3301c56959@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Excellent work.
I am excited at how things are progressing.

I am noticing that on wiki.o.o it seems to keep loading. Like
something isn't loading. I also noticed on the YaST page, it said
"Invalid tag extension name: categorytree". Also having to clear the
cookies to login to wiki.o.o is a problem when working with the old

I see the first and the last one as the most important to resolve.

I am really impressed, pleased, and excited at how this is coming along.

Jon Rocker

On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 22:22, Rajko M. <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We imported pretty large body of articles from old wiki that will allow us to
test wiki. Further imports will be done only if we really need article or

What is left to upload are images that are missing so that we can really test
complete page layout. Right now we have bug that prevents creation of
thumbnails so we have time to upload images.

The number of new features is quite large comparing to old wiki version 1.5,
so we will have quite a job to test them. You can see list of features here:

First to test was CategoryTree

It enables editors to create list of categories and articles in categories
that are available on every page on the wiki.

This will allow us to have groups of articles with common navigation menu that
is updated as soon as article is added to common category. Unlike current
method of creating navbar (navigation bar) templates for each group of
articles and updating that navbar every time new article is added, with
<categorytree> tag all that wiki maintainers have to do is to ensure that new
articles have proper [[Category:<nameit>]] link included at the end of

I started to create categories from YaST related articles, then used ready to
go tag from to test the wiki tag <categorytree>.

Some samples for preview are here:
and live wiki that is using that tag is here:

The "plus" widget that you can see in the CategoryTree is missing
in our wiki, which makes use of mode=pages problematic in:

<categorytree mode=pages style="float:right; clear:right; margin-left:1ex;
border:1px solid gray; padding:0.7ex; background-

You can see on the page that there is no
distinction between listed category and article in that category.

The next in the list is Flagged Revisions.

It is extension with a lot of options.
I checked the basics.
The editor/reviewer tools at the bottom of the page appear in Main and
Template namespace.
We are missing icons (images) for tag that is present on every page, before
words/strings Unreviewed or Current revision, as well as bars in detailed view
that can see user that is not logged in a wiki.
The "plus" widget that is used to switch from detailed view of article status
to simple is missing too.

The rest of extensions is not tested on a new wiki, but we know that:
works in a simple example on that is the same
version. There is more options in InputBox to test and see where this
extension can be useful.

Next extension to test is DynamicPageList which is described on

From description, it can be useful to create list of articles that belong to
few categories without need to create new category and add tags to all

Sorting articles in categories and subcategories is very important in order to
use new tools.

It shifts majority of efforts on one time categorization of existing fond in
the old wiki, and then export to new one category by category. New software
allows us to name category and it will automatically create list of articles
that are listed there, so it will be easier track transfer.

The files (images etc) is right now the most labor intensive. We have to see
is it possible to categorize them and transfer as category, if not them we
have to run quite a few downloads from old wiki and uploads to the new one.

Regards Rajko,

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