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Re: [opensuse-wiki] Forum squad introductions.
  • From: Jon Rocker <linux.learner@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 21:28:53 -0700
  • Message-id: <ae19ac280912192028k700f0defo3fbae5b4239e39a2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
lol. You're not the only one chomping at the bit. I am to.
You are correct sir. There were no previous places to do
introductions, and the mailing list is perfect for it, as it gives the
entire team to get to know everyone. So thank you.

The IRC session can be worked this way, either come on in, since we
are obviously both online, and I can do a one on one, or wait till the
"official" one.

As to discussing articles, by all means. Pick out articles that
interest you, and then please start a thread in the mailing list, so
we can all be apart of it. When you open a thread in the mailing list
about an article, you can discuss it fully, asking questions, making
suggestions and comments.

Jon Rocker

On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 20:34, Mike Gentry
<mike.h.gentry.lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Rajko M. wrote:
Nice to see you here Mike.
You are the first one to introduce yourself using mail list. I've seen
some forum nicks on the current wiki, so that is probably
the introduction method they used.

I didn't see anywhere where people were introducing themselves after the
recent recruitment drive - even the message board on the wiki team page is
blank. Maybe I've missed it - or maybe you're just referring to people who
have edited the older content?

Jon Rocker wrote:
Mike, maybe you could do some writing on Notebooks and Netbooks. Since
I don't own one yet, I have no experience with them. Maybe you could
edit or add to In my opinion, there is
certainly room to add content there.

However, before anyone does any editing or adding, please see either
myself or spyhawk in IRC, so we can go over some details.

I certainly appreciate all those who have joined, and Mike, I
appreciate you taking the initiative to introduce yourself here on the
mailing list.

Jon Rocker

I think I know enough grub to be able to search for the bits I don't know
myself - with sufficient oversight, of course.

Presumably the IRC session mentioned on the forum is still planned for an as
yet unknown date...

I can fully understand you not wanting us to charge off and start editing
the wiki pages themselves - a task of this Herculean scale definitely needs
coordination. But in the meantime, are the discussion pages off limits too?
Can we post relevant questions / comments on the discussion page of the
proposed style guide, for example, or is it easier if we stick to the list /
IRC and leave the wiki alone entirely?

Champing at the bit, me. ;)

Thanks for the warm welcome, both of you - and hello John! Congratulations
on just volunteering yourself for three times as much work! ;)

[Resent - Sorry for the off-list reply, Rajko. These contraptions will take
a little getting used to...]
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