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[opensuse-wiki] New wiki host: Final preparations
  • From: Frank Sundermeyer <fs@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 14:03:29 +0100
  • Message-id: <200912151403.29274.fs@xxxxxxx>
Hi Team,

before officially announcing the new wiki instance ( there
are still a few things to do or to clarify.

see for details

PLEASE: Do not start adding content to wiki.o.o, yet. Let's wait until
everything is in place (hopefully some time this week). However, you are
welcome to test the new wiki - please delete articles once you do not need
them. I will delete every remaining article before we officially start.
Preferred place for testing should be your user page (I will not delete pages
in the USER namespace).

1. Sysop:
I think

Spyhawk (I do not know the real name ;-))

should have sysop rights in the new wiki. Agreed? Have I forgotten someone?

Since you have to have been logged in once, before I can make you sysop,
please log in at ASAP. Once you have done so, drop
me a note including your wiki login name.

In case of problems logging in, please delete all opensuse cookies.

2. Home page:
Do you want to keep the right column or should I remove it?
How should the wiki homepage be named?

3. Namespaces:
ATM we have the same namespaces as on en.o.o (SDB / SDB_Discussion, FAQ,
howto). Let me know if you want to keep these and which ones I should add.

4. FlaggedRevs

Rajko, any hints/input from your side is welcome.

I will try to adapt the CSS to our skin.

User Rights:
Who should have which permissions in FlaggedRevs? Please see

5. Lucene Search
This is the only requested extension that is currently not installed. Adding
this would require a considerable change to the server configuration. We have
tested the SphinxSearch extension (Sphinx is even faster than Lucene). The
only difference I noticed was an increase in speed. The search interface
remains the same, and the result list is sorted a bit differently than with
the standard wiki search. Apart from that, no changes. Honestly I do not see
any benefits using an external search engine rather than performance (and that
AFAIK has never been a problem). Whatsmore, the internal wiki search has
improved, too, since MediaWiki 1.5.8

6. Use of Semantic MediaWiki
Has anything been decided on this topic?

7. Everything I missed
If there is any other thing you need (configuration option, skin, css) let me


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