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Re: [opensuse-wiki] AI2, AI 5 & AI6 Status report
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 15:07:51 +0100
  • Message-id: <26d1a5470912140607n68de7832yf65a0c2fdb5c11fe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

2009/12/14 Remy Marquis <remy.marquis@xxxxxxxxx>:

Here is a status report regarding wiki transition AI #2, #5 and #6.

AI#2 : Templates
I've cleaned more Template, added a few useful templates. The list of
"standardized" templates can be found here :


A proposition for the article template that should be hopefully become
a standard through the wiki is here :

The basic structure is, as following :
- Navigation bar (optional)
- Introduction (Intro-frame)
- Knowledge bar (version, prerequisite articles, links to more general help)
- Body
- See also section (related articles that might interest the reader,
external links)

Please give comment feedback. It's still WIP, but I must admit that
I've actually no idea how to improve it at this stage. Any help
regarding this issue is welcomed.

I actually like it very much - this is great work!

Some feedback/suggestions:

1. Do we need "general help" in the knowledge bar? I.e. what should be
linked there in particular? Wouldn't it be better to leave this apart
and put "related articles" there (currently on the very bottom)?
That'd be even more useful unless someone explains the actual need of
"general help".
2. Not sure how difficult that'd be but I'd appreciate to have a
second article-template with a vertical right-aligned table of
contents instead of the horizontal one we currently have. I assume
this is a matter of minutes for wiki seniors :-) Is it? Not sure, but
I THINK this may look even better. May you come up with a second one
to compare please?

A proposition by Shayon for the Portal template that should become the
entry point to diverse sub-project (YaST, Libzypp, BuildService,
Education, ..) can be found here : and

I think that Shayon is preparing a second proposition (which is still
WIP as far as I know).

Great work as well here! I already told Shayon on IRC that I feel this
very much appropriate for the sub-project portals. Remaining task now
would be to come up with a template for the main portal and to make
Petr and Federico aware of the Template for sub-project portals we
have - the have been assigned for the Portals (not the design).

Thanks everyone involved for the great work on AI #2!

AI#5 : Wiki Guidelines
I've cleaned, merged the bunch of articles that were talking about Guidelines.
The new "Wiki Guidelines" can be accessed here :

That's a good start. That said, we absolutely cannot put this (...)
online and publicly available. This has to be formulated way more
diplomatic :-)

"Put online in August 2005, the openSUSE wiki has proved to be an
invaluable documentation resource for users as well as contributors
and developers. However, the number of page exponentially increased
over the years and this uncontrolled growth came at the expense of the
overall quality of the openSUSE wiki, with articles only partially
written or duplicating others."

Also, please think about where we can explain the QA process in detail
most appropriately, i.e. the FlaggedRevs/Wiki-Forum
reviewing/approving process. I'll provide the actual explanation once
AI #3 finally is ironed out.

It is divided in 5 essential parts :
- Style Guide (main structure, general usubility, basic elements)
- Template Guide (basic info about Template and common template
description, see AI#2)
- Tag Guide (maintenance, cleanup tag, deletion policy)

I actually like the evolvement of former Daily_templates into Template
Guide and Tag Guide. This IMO is a valid approach.

- Categorization Guide. This is still in early stage at the moment and
need to be developed. Following a discussion with Rajko_m and Shayon,
it might be useful to define a pre-selected list of categorization
tags (ie, [[category:KDE]]) to help to properly categorize articles
when migrating, but this need some extra time to prepare.
- Translation Guide (how to provide a localized wiki)

Shayon also proposed a NavBox linking to all Guidelines (General
Guideline, Artwork, Trademark, etc) :

This makes perfect sense and definitely makes it easy to navigate!

A specific portal dedicated to openSUSE Guidelines and Policies might
also be a good idea in  the new wiki instance.

+1, shouldn't be too difficult adopting

As always, please comment. I believe that huge improvements can still
be done here.

It has a lot of potential and I'm sure you'll make it even better! No
further suggestions from my side .. I leave the organizational
decisions up to you here, Remy.

AI#6 : Transition Guidelines
A step-to-step transition guideline is available here :

This is also in a early stage and input from all participants is required.
Some comments from Shayon can also be found at the bottom, before the
proposed wiki structure.

While it's in an early stage, it's a well-thought out and
well-documented process.

Also, about the "Content Check" pages:
Some page (~150) have been manually checked and tagged with "Passed QA
check". However, this tag only indicate that the page content is not
rubbish, but the format might need improvement to match the
to-be-finalized Wiki Guidelines. I guess a second check, which include
a format check, might be necessary for all pages.

I second this! We need to start from scratch here to actually just
transfer 100% "good" content into the new structure/instance.

Please note that I won't be available to work on wiki this week. Keep
the good work during my absence :)

IC, thanks for coming up with the status report beforehand! Have a
good week and please go forward such valuable afterwards :-)

Thanks a lot,


2009/12/14 Shayon Mukherjee <hkwarlock@xxxxxxxxx>:
IMO , regarding the transition thing ,now we should focus on the pages
which are not rubbish and migrate ASAP.After that we can have the Second
Check concerned to the Format according to to-be-finalized Wiki Guidelines.

I disagree. We'll not transfer 0% semi-verified stuff to the new
instance. While we can certainly focus on adopting non-rubbish content
to the defined standards at first glance we urgently need to do the QA
check for everything we have. ONLY that way we'll be able to stop the

That said, I'm going to post a "call for contributors" to the openSUSE
forums and I hope to gain some volunteers for the actual "Article
Transition" that way. I'd appreciate very much if wiki seniors could
act as mentors here for volunteers that might step up.

Rupert Horstkötter, open-slx gmbh
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