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Re: [opensuse-wiki] Re: AI3: QA - FlaggedRevs & Wiki Forum
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 16:12:06 +0100
  • Message-id: <26d1a5470912110712l2f9001fcr1eb78c76550a4ee4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Jon and I had this discussion today over at #opensuse-wiki talking
about AI #3. We THINK that we fund s solution for 1,2,3,4 and maybe
issue 5. Please read the attached log of the conversation and provide
your opinion. Jon already posted a subset of the discussion and I now
post the whole thing again along with that intro so everyone knows
what's the purpose.

(15:40:30) rhorstkoetter: 1. new article =draft -> thread at forums.o.o
(15:40:42) Jonathan_R: i'm not good enough at php to write it though
(15:41:08) rhorstkoetter: 2. edit to existing article = new draft ->
re-open thread at forums.o.o
(15:41:29) rhorstkoetter: 3. this should be restricted to main
namespace (enduser-interesting docu)
(15:42:12) rhorstkoetter: 4. the forums thread must point to the draft
url when first OR subsequent (re-opened thread) draft appears
(15:42:44) Jonathan_R: well, we know we can do point 4
(15:43:21) Jonathan_R: it seems its points 2 and 3 that we need to figure out
(15:43:31) rhorstkoetter: 5. last but not least: the respective draft
page should have a wiki template "automagically" placed on top once
the thread is created at forums.o.o pointing to the respective thread
(15:43:34) rhorstkoetter: that's it
(15:43:49) rhorstkoetter: I just tried to recapitulize
(15:44:00) Jonathan_R: yeah
(15:44:06) rhorstkoetter: that's our task and we lack a solution so far
(15:44:16) Jonathan_R: you don't use a forum often do you
(15:44:26) rhorstkoetter: any input on solving 1,2,3,4 OR 5 or all is
much apprecaited
(15:44:36) rhorstkoetter: Jonathan_R: I do
(15:44:42) Jonathan_R: hmm
(15:44:47) rhorstkoetter: I just post to the private area though
(15:44:56) Jonathan_R: we could pin templates at the top
(15:45:02) Jonathan_R: like a sticky
(15:45:11) Jonathan_R: but it would be a seperate thread
(15:45:11) rhorstkoetter: my postcount is at ~450 with 3-5 posts to
the public forums
(15:46:02) rhorstkoetter: sorry, I don't get it
(15:46:34) Jonathan_R: as kim mentioned, when an edit occurs, it would
re-open the thread, and be seen as another post in that thread
(15:46:47) rhorstkoetter: #5 means the draft page should have a
wiki-template "discussion thread at forums.o.o/wiki/..." in order to
crosslink the discussion thread .. that's what I meant
(15:47:07) rhorstkoetter: Jonathan_R: that's intended that way and awesome
(15:47:19) Jonathan_R: what your talking about if reformatting the post
(15:47:22) rhorstkoetter: is that that difficult to understand actually?
(15:47:23) rhorstkoetter: lol
(15:47:37) Jonathan_R: no, its done automatically
(15:47:43) rhorstkoetter: let's assume we have NO article at first ok?
(15:47:55) Jonathan_R: the only part that would be difficult is the templates
(15:48:05) Jonathan_R: where you want that inline or something
(15:48:15) rhorstkoetter: now YOU enter the wiki, create a new article
(draft) and forum thread gets created
(15:48:19) Jonathan_R: that would involve reformatting a post
(15:48:35) rhorstkoetter: it's not about the forums post argghh
(15:48:36) Jonathan_R: which would involve rewritting the forum software
(15:48:52) rhorstkoetter: the wiki-template should be on top of the
wiki article draft
(15:48:59) Jonathan_R: right rhorstkoetter i get that
(15:49:11) rhorstkoetter: as long as it's in draft situation it should
point to the discussion thread
(15:49:22) Jonathan_R: say for example
(15:49:33) Jonathan_R: point the forum to that rss feed
(15:50:04) Jonathan_R: now any creations/additions/changes to any
articles would be created in the
(15:50:17) rhorstkoetter: yes
(15:50:43) Jonathan_R: so now you'd have a thread on the article
(15:50:57) Jonathan_R: people could then comment on it
(15:51:08) rhorstkoetter: yeah, a new one for first edit and re-opened
for subsequent ones
(15:51:15) rhorstkoetter: yeah
(15:51:38) Jonathan_R: if another change to an article occurs, then
the forumsadmin would add another post in the existing thread if one
(15:51:53) rhorstkoetter: yes
(15:52:12) rhorstkoetter: wait at this point
(15:52:18) Jonathan_R: k
(15:52:43) rhorstkoetter: first edit would be en.o.o/nvidia/rev1
(15:53:02) rhorstkoetter: second edit (new draft) would be en.o.o/nvidia/rev2
(15:53:51) rhorstkoetter: thus if forumsadmin adds a new post to
existing thread the url pointing to the respective rev of flaggedrevs
(not sure about the url schema) would be updated
(15:54:13) rhorstkoetter: forumsadmin posts an abstract with a link to
the full version
(15:54:20) rhorstkoetter: still on the same page?
(15:54:23) Jonathan_R: right
(15:54:26) Jonathan_R: yes
(15:54:29) rhorstkoetter: OK
(15:55:05) rhorstkoetter: last problem: how to advertise the location
of the forums thread in the wiki draft (on top of it) while in draft
(15:55:36) Jonathan_R: that, i dont know\
(15:55:42) rhorstkoetter: there I'd like to have a wiki-template "to
discuss this draft, clickhere" and the reader ends up at the right
place at forums.o.o
(15:55:54) Jonathan_R: hmm
(15:56:04) rhorstkoetter: if we manage to acheive all that .. we'll do awesome
(15:56:06) Jonathan_R: the discuss tab could be linked to the forum
(15:56:21) rhorstkoetter: that'd be cool yes
(15:56:32) Spyhawk: Is it possible to achieve that automatically ?
(15:56:33) Jonathan_R: there should be a way to do that
(15:56:37) rhorstkoetter: that's possible with mediawiki?
(15:56:46) Jonathan_R: i dont see why not
(15:56:48) Jonathan_R: its php
(15:56:59) rhorstkoetter: link the discussion tab of the respective
article draft to the right thread/post at forums.o.o
(15:57:03) rhorstkoetter: awesome
(15:57:17) Jonathan_R: thread, not sure
(15:57:22) Jonathan_R: forum, yes
(15:57:29) rhorstkoetter: may you please present that solution (you're
the technical chiefmaster) at the ml thread
(15:57:48) rhorstkoetter: leaving #5 open for now
(15:57:49) Jonathan_R: me, technical chiefmaster?
(15:57:53) ***Jonathan_R blushes
(15:58:12) rhorstkoetter: Jonathan_R: if you compare you and me ..
you're technical chiefmaster actually
(15:58:24) Jonathan_R: lol
(15:58:28) rhorstkoetter: no honestly .. please do this if feasible for you
(15:58:36) Jonathan_R: can i just copy and paste this convo
(15:58:54) rhorstkoetter: just a summary of the solution we worked out
here with everyone initially addressed by me in CC
(15:59:05) rhorstkoetter: OK
(15:59:22) rhorstkoetter: thanks for taking care
(15:59:55) rhorstkoetter: for me that sounds perfectly sufficient as
#5 = the wiki templates anyway is just a gimmick at best
(16:00:42) rhorstkoetter: solving 1-4 and marking 5 as desirable and
we're already doing awesome .. then explaining this process at the
Guidelines (hint: Spyhawk) and we have it
(16:00:47) rhorstkoetter: AI3 solved ;)

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