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[opensuse-wiki] Re: AI3: QA - FlaggedRevs & Wiki Forum
  • From: Jonathan Rocker <linux.learner@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 08:03:32 -0700
  • Message-id: <1260543812.3558.50.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
<Jonathan_R> say for example
<Jonathan_R> point the forum to that rss feed
<Jonathan_R> now any creations/additions/changes to any articles would
be created in the
<rhorstkoetter> yes
<Jonathan_R> so now you'd have a thread on the article
<Jonathan_R> people could then comment on it
<rhorstkoetter> yeah, a new one for first edit and re-opened for
subsequent ones
<rhorstkoetter> yeah
<Jonathan_R> if another change to an article occurs, then the
forumsadmin would add another post in the existing thread if one exists
<rhorstkoetter> yes
<rhorstkoetter> wait at this point
<Jonathan_R> k
<rhorstkoetter> first edit would be en.o.o/nvidia/rev1
<rhorstkoetter> second edit (new draft) would be en.o.o/nvidia/rev2
<rhorstkoetter> thus if forumsadmin adds a new post to existing thread
the url pointing to the respective rev of flaggedrevs (not sure about
the url schema) would be updated
<rhorstkoetter> forumsadmin posts an abstract with a link to the full
<rhorstkoetter> still on the same page?
<Jonathan_R> right
<Jonathan_R> yes
<rhorstkoetter> OK
<rhorstkoetter> last problem: how to advertise the location of the
forums thread in the wiki draft (on top of it) while in draft state?
<Jonathan_R> that, i dont know\
<rhorstkoetter> there I'd like to have a wiki-template "to discuss this
draft, clickhere" and the reader ends up at the right place at
<Jonathan_R> hmm
<rhorstkoetter> if we manage to acheive all that .. we'll do awesome
<Jonathan_R> the discuss tab could be linked to the forum
<rhorstkoetter> that'd be cool yes
<Spyhawk> Is it possible to achieve that automatically ?
<Jonathan_R> there should be a way to do that
<rhorstkoetter> that's possible with mediawiki?
<Jonathan_R> i dont see why not
<Jonathan_R> its php
<rhorstkoetter> link the discussion tab of the respective article draft
to the right thread/post at forums.o.o
<rhorstkoetter> awesome
<Jonathan_R> thread, not sure
<Jonathan_R> forum, yes

On Wed, 2009-12-09 at 11:12 +0100, Rupert Horstkötter wrote:

Rajko and I are assigned to find a solution for the
FlaggedRevs/Wiki-Forum combination. I decided to post the progress of
AI3 to the list as everyone interested can join the discussion at any
time and help the assignees that way. Kim Groneman (Admin of the OSF)
and Jon Rocker (Local Mod for the Wiki Forum and interested person in
this AI3) explicitly is in CC:

So what are we trying to achieve (as a background for Kim)?
We'll use FlaggedRevs MediaWiki extension in combination with the Wiki
Forum at forums.o.o as our QA flagship for the new (good) openSUSE
wiki. FlaggedRevs provides the opportunity to flag certain articles as
"Quality revision", i.e. as approved documentation while providing
"Draft revisions" in parallel .. the "Quality revision" is the one
shown the user by default (Drafts are accessible by clicking a link at
the top right of the page). Utilizing this extension we'd like to
achieve a reviewing/approval process for new articles (initially
flagged as Draft) as well as major edits (flagged as draft until a
wiki team member approves it and replaces the "Quality revision" with
the new draft) and for that we'd like to use the Wiki forum. I hope
this is clear so far? Please ask if it's not.

We now have two scenarios on the table:
1. There is a brand new article created by an editor and this is
flagged as draft initially. That draft revision should now have a
corresponding discussion thread at the wiki forum where the community
can review the article and provide feedback. Over time we hope that
this process improves the article and provides the editor the
opportunity to fine-tune. After some period of time, the draft gets
approved (flagged as quality) and is presented as such to the reader.
2. We already have an article and some editor get started to write a
new draft revision .. FlaggedRevs always automatically creates new
Draft revisions of Quality articles whenever an edit occurs. This new
draft is a potential candidate to replace the quality revision IF it
passes the reviewing process at forums.o.o and is considered as a
valid evolution by the wiki team.

That said, our task now is to find out how we can "automagically"
create threads in the wiki forum whenever FlaggedRevs detects a new
draft (be it due to scenario 1 or 2). We doubt that simply encouraging
editors to use the wiki forum as a proofreading platform wouldn't lead
to expected results and thus we'd value an automatism.

Jon Rocker (in CC:) came up with a rather good and simple idea
yesterday on IRC and I thought about it. What about utilizing the
forums RSS grabber "forumsadmin" for this? This bot does, afaik, RSS
grabbing from various sources and post an abstract at "Tech News"
category at the OSF.

Rajko, is FlaggedRevs able to provide an RSS feed for draft revisions?
Kim, is vBulletin (i.e. the RSS grabber you have) able to use this
FlaggedRevs RSS feed and post corresponding threads at the Wiki forum?

Some further questions IF that turns out to be possible:
- May we put a wiki-template "A discussion thread has been created at
<forums URL>" on top of the particular draft revision? Can this be
done "automagically" and how?
- How should we deal with duplicates? E.g. someone creates a brand new
article, the reviewing is done, the article is flagged quality and
after some time a major edit (new draft) occurs. Is there any way to
just re-open the existing thread at forums.o.o instead of creating a
new one (by RSS) or does this need to be done manually by wiki forum
- How can we restrict the creation of discussion threads to
enduser-relevant pages at the openSUSE Wiki? Is FlaggedRevs maybe able
to output the RSS feed just for selected namespaces or may we hack
that together (a subset of the default RSS) and provide just the
drafts in interesting namespaces to "forumsadmin" RSS grabber?

Lots of questions and hopefully the start of a fruitful discussion.
Let's brainstorm and come up with something really awesome for the
sake of the openSUSE community. Your turn gentlemen ...

Rupert Horstkötter
openSUSE Community Assistant
Email: rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jabber: ruperthorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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