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[opensuse-wiki] Re: AI3: QA - FlaggedRevs & Wiki Forum
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 11:40:07 +0100
  • Message-id: <26d1a5470912100240v1e06eb6an48ecc4b918570004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Rajko mentioned in the meantime that he's not sure if we can utilize
RSS for this at all. Need to check this first. That said, see my
answers inline please:

2009/12/9 Kim Groneman <kgroneman@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Wow...a lot of information/thinking going on here. :)

Certainly ;-) We work on full load here for almost two months now!

What about utilizing the forums RSS grabber "forumsadmin" for this?

Kim, is vBulletin (i.e. the RSS grabber you have) able to use this
FlaggedRevs RSS feed and post corresponding threads at the Wiki forum?

Yes, I can pull any standard  RSS feed into a forum, just like I do with tech
news.  This creates a thread in the forum with the title and content included
in the RSS.

That's awesome and the process I thought of.

How should we deal with duplicates? E.g. someone creates a brand new
article, the reviewing is done, the article is flagged quality and
after some time a major edit (new draft) occurs. Is there any way to
just re-open the existing thread at forums.o.o instead of creating a
new one (by RSS) or does this need to be done manually

If we leave the existing thread "open" it  can be added to anytime.  There is
no expiration unless you want there to be.


How can we restrict the creation of discussion threads to
enduser-relevant pages at the openSUSE Wiki?

I can set the forum so only the RSS can create threads and that regular users
can only reply to existing threads.

You got me wrong here. Question is not if we can restrict the creation
of forums threads but if we can control the creation of threads by the
RSS Grabber, i.e. to restrict the RSS output from MediaWiki to some
Namespaces interesting for the actual enduser. Articles in the main
Namespace should pass the reviewing process at forums.o.o but edits to
pages like "openSUSE Marketing team page" or "Meeting logs" shouldn't
be processed to forums.o.o. I think this is obvious. We just want the
reviewing process for "Distro Documentation pages" and there's a lot
more that gets edited in the Wiki. Thus this question is more about
the abilities of MediaWiki to provide RSS rather than the ability of
vBulletin to grab it.



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