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Re: [opensuse-wiki] We need consent how to write articles
  • From: "Razi Khaja" <razi.khaja@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 05:22:36 -0500
  • Message-id: <62e9dabc0712030222h49a4488dm12cde5ebd79b5625@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
In order to accomplish administration tasks such as setting up a web
server, build server, performing a backup using the Yast Backup
Module, or securing my system, I often refer to the Configuration or
HOWTO sections in the Documentation and follow instructions.

it's better simply to ask here if somebody don't know howto cope with
a problem.

I think that most of the time people ask for help because the
documentation is not clear or complete. Asking for help in the mailing
lists is necessary when problems occur for users, however, the mailing
lists cannot be considered a persistent body of knowledge and so the
problem resolution should be documented in the wiki so that future
users attempting to accomplish the same task do not experience the
problems that have already been resolved and hence do not have to ask
a question that has already been answered.

but in fact most of the time, people write a page because he have just
found a solution to a problem, and do this in a hurry.

This is true, and often people don't want to write documentation they
would rather move on to their next most important task. However the
point of a wiki is meant to be a mutable resource that can be edited
and added to by many people, so a rough problem solution is better
than no problem solution that should hopefully improve over time.

We can't appoint rewriters

When you help someone with a problem, you should enlist that person to
correct and complete the parts of the wiki documentation that they had
problems with. Its the least that one could do for getting free help.
Sort of a barter system or reciprocal altruism. A person who agrees
to help with wiki documentation should get a little more priority and
attention than a person who just wants free help. Getting priority
would provide incentive for the person with the problem to contribute
to the wiki. Ive seen other mailing lists or user groups with point
systems, maybe something like that could be employed here to motivate
wiki contribution.

From Wikipedia:

In evolutionary biology reciprocal altruism is a form of altruism in
which one organism provides a benefit to another without expecting any
immediate payment or compensation. However, reciprocal altruism is not
unconditional. Firstly the act of altruism must give rise to a surplus
of cooperation, in the sense that the gains to the beneficiary must be
perceived to be meaningfully larger than the costs to the benefactor.
Secondly the act of altruism should be reciprocated by the original
beneficiary if the situation is later reversed. Failure to do so will
usually cause the original benefactor to withdraw future acts of
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