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Re: [opensuse-wiki] [FPR] Splash screen: 3rd stage of proposals
On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 03:04:36PM +0200, jdd wrote:
> Marcus Rueckert a écrit :
> >On 2006-07-31 14:43:24 +0200, jdd wrote:
> >>very nice. may be we should sort the langages alphabetically?
> >
> >according to which charset?;)
> >
> >darix
> >
> utf8 :-)
> I don't know :-) but random may not be the better :-)
> (in the publication order could be a possibility)

For now it is from top to bottom. With more languages the list will go up
again. So just adding them in the publication order seems to be the most
logical step.

It is also unclear what the box at the bottom is for. It should at least
have the search icons used on the 'normal' pages.

My preference would still be:
1) Let the site look at the language and send you to a language. e.g.
Google does that when you go to the first time. (sort of)
2) As the above is not going to happen, have the splash screen insde a
'normal' page.
3) As the above is not going to happen, this one is the best alternative.
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