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Re: [opensuse-wiki] page naming and translations
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 23:00:58 +0100
  • Message-id: <43FCDF1A.9090809@xxxxxxxxx>
Peter Flodin wrote:

> 1. I have never run, written or operated a wikibot :-)
> 2. Wikibots can't be stopped, other than blocking accounts used by
> them.

as long as I understand, the wikibots are run on the client
machine, so yes the wikibot can't be stopped (can be only by
the people that launch it)

Anybody with a user account can automate the action of HTTP
> requests from their machine to operate the wiki.

I think so

> I think we should as a group have these guidelines:
> 1. All wikibots should run in an interactive mode until proven
> reliable. ie a human confirms any edit action.

anyway, they always runs under they owner's control (that is
I I run the bot, I can stop it any time, simply with control
C :-) - they are console apps)

> 2. All wikibots should run under their own account eg "jdd bot", with
> their user page describing what it does, who runs it, when, etc. This
> means actions can be easily tracked (and reverted).

this is the normal way. but easily reverted, I'm not sure,
if not by writing an own bot :-( write many pages, revert by hand should be very
difficult (or get a backup, but this delete all the recent work.

however I don't mind to run a home programmed bot :-)) but
the wikipedia one.

the bots can be run from a letter, so we could try "Z" :-)


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