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page naming and translations
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 09:37:20 +0100
  • Message-id: <43FAD140.7060103@xxxxxxxxx>
Hello :-)

The translation guide (I beg, not verified) say that the
names of the pages should be translated. This is nearly
impossible if we need a consistent localized wikis. This is
a proposal to cope with this.

* the need of translating the name

localized wikis are done mostly for people not able, not
willing or not wishing to read the english one. Such people
will probably be upset to see english title bars. Don't
forget that the page name is also the main title of the page
(and displayed so). So we need to translate the name.

* the need to keep the english name

It"s mostly for easy the interwiki links process. If any
name is translated, interwiki links become a one by one
control process. If ever an, said, spanish page is done from
the english one _after_ I already translate the french one,
I will never know and so fail to link it.

However the solution is pretty simple:

It's to keep the english name for a page only containing a

There are two ways of doing so. first create the english
name page, then move (rename) it, the redirect is done
automatically. or second if the localized page is already
there, create the english name page and fill it with

#REDIRECT [[localized page]]

Then in all pages, translated or not :-), add

[[sp:english name]]
(all the localized wikis)

so as soon as the link will be created it will be activated
in the sidebar. Is not active, it will be shown as a red
"see also" link at the bottom of the page, wich if not
really disturbing.


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