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[opensuse-web] Pg Port of OSEM now live

Thought you would like to see the results of a *LOT* of work:

Outside of the base port to Pg there are a few things we have done including:

1. Allowing for 5 minute precision with scheduling.
* Not everyone runs on 15 minutes
2. Cleaning up the internal schedule so that the colors are translucent.
* This allows for easy visuals of the time underneath the talk
3. Adding flat pages
* We added flat pages that can be edited with markdown. Right now they are specific to policies and venue extra (client on venue on the URL above to see what I mean)
4. Changing routes to make sure that / shows the current conference not the current conference listing

Things we are working on:

1. Add event/Multi-Event
* Currently there is no way to add an event outside of the submission process. That makes adding ad-hoc events difficult. For one recruited (versus self-submission) speaker, I had to add the talk as myself and then run an update on the database to make the speaker own the talk.

* Multi-Event, lunches, breaks, coffee breaks, lightning talks etc... are all multi-events. The idea is this, using the new add event page you can say:

We have three lunches, two coffee breaks, and four keynotes. This will cause a "conference" track that has those events in the schedule for placement. In short, there would be three lunches to place on the schedule etc...

2. External conferences
* This is a simple feature but as the application has the ability to have a directory listing of conference we wanted the ability to say, "Hey, LFNW is happening. Let's list them in our conference listing" and have the "View Conference" link go to their site.

3. The model

* With the greatest respect to the awesome conference application you have written, it is clear that a DBA wasn't involved. One of the first things I noticed was the table events has a column called state. The current value of this is one of: confirmed, new, unconfirmed rejected etc...

However, there is zero constraints to this column. At a minimum we need a check constraint on that column. In a better world it would be a foreign key to a look up table.


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