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Re: [opensuse-web] RFC:

On Nov 29, 2013, at 10:31, "Rajko" <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Wiki search does not work too often, so it would be nice to have
already configured Google search as default:

- It is proprietary

+ Google has whole a lot of people taking care of search engine
+ It is much better guessing what user wants, ie. fuzzy search
+ It doesn't need restart after some update

Try this and check how relevant are results for "wiki":

What is your opinion?

This was one of the options we looked at before going with the current
solution. IIRC, it was implemented with an extension and had a lot of issues
at the time. That was a few years ago, so it's certainly possible that using
Google is now the better solution. As has been noted, the Lucene indices have
a tendency to get corrupted and require manual intervention. Your proposed
solution would certainly be easier to maintain, and it will probably give just
as good or better results than Lucene (even when it's happy).

I'll talk to Scott on Monday. I agree it's time to take another look at our
search options.
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