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Re: [opensuse-web] Please update wiki staging server

Am Mittwoch, 22. August 2012 schrieb Matthew Ehle:
Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx> 8/21/2012 5:36 PM >>>
I just now pulled the changes from there. I get a
database error... was there some SQL that needed to be run with

Did you run maintenance/update.php ?

Yes, that was done on the original upgrade to 1.19. I ran it again
for good measure, on both the core installation and for SMW. No luck

Strange. I have no experience with the SMW extensions and therefore
can't help too much, but if I had to guess, I'd see the following

a) my changes broke it - that's quite unlikely, AFAIK the ReplaceText
extension doesn't need any database changes, and adding the print.css
for sure doesn't ;)
If you want to be double-sure, checkout the revision without my
changes. (The good thing is that this is easy to test ;-)

b) the accidential downgrade to 1.17 (from git master instead of the
1.19 branch) broke something - that's more likely than a), but I
wouldn't bet on it.

c) something totally different ;-)

Since we are talking about the staging server, the easiest way is
probably to revert the database to a known-good state (from 1.17, before
1.19 was first deployed on enstage) and running maintenance/update.php
on it.

Besides that, the test account opensuse_stage:opensuse_stage
(created by Thomas) doesn't seem to work -

I'm not even sure if logging in on enstage worked with the old

It did. I always make sure the login extension works before putting
it in prod, so it definitely worked with 1.17. I also tested it more
recently when making some Access Manager updates.

OK, then it's probably really a problem with 1.19.

IIRC most of the wiki runs over http, not https - therefore I
doubt SSL negotiation speed is a real problem ;-)

It's about half and half right now. For whatever reason, most of
the static content is hardcoded to be pulled from a secure

Maybe the author of the Bento theme wasn't aware of protocol-relative
URLs? Changing ""; to
"//static/" shouldn't cause any problems.

Interesting that you bring that up.

Well, it was the most obvious response to "the static content is
hardcoded to be pulled from a secure connection" ;-)

I had to touch a lot of files :-)

Looks like you should also touch the wiki files ;-) - but I'd recommend
to wait until we have a working 1.19 on enstage.

I was reading some interesting insights from Google engineers the
other week. It's their vision that someday, every site will be
served over SSL/TLS, and HTTP will be then what RSH is today. They
certainly have done a lot to make this more of a possibility (OpenSSL
patches, TLS false start, and SPDY to name a few). In fact, you may
notice that now Firefox defaults to using HTTPS for Google searches,
even if you are not authenticated. Pretty interesting I think.

Indeed, it's a good protection against people (or, it's sad I have to
write that, governments) sniffing the web traffic. Nevertheless, I'd
rate the risk for people reading the openSUSE wiki much lower than for
those using google (which could include any search term from cat content
to waepons or government-critical content), so the encryption for Google
search queries might really make sense to enforce privacy.

The irony is that Google is pushing this - a company who is storing as
much data about everyone as they can find out...


Christian Boltz
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