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Re: [opensuse-web] Can I have a page?
On 30.07.2012 12:03, Marguerite Su wrote:
Hi, Thomas & Stephan,

Thanks for you help.

There're still something need to be improved.

1. In screenshot2 attachment, I want to change "zh_CN" to something
like the way Japanese was displayed: [COPY ME]简体中文(Chinese)[/COPY ME]
instead of a locale string. that's not in translation po files.

So you can copy strings in my email to change that (I know you don't
know how to input that string)

I don't know exacltly where this string comes from.

2. In screenshot3 attachment, the dropdown menu is still not
translated. but I'm sure there is a translated version in

This is prbably a caching problem on you side. It works for me.

3. In screenshot4 attachment, a translated version is available in

And to the right of the Chinese national flag, the three Chinese
character there is not well translated. Indeed it's a rude world from
Traditional Chinese or Japanese world (no offense, but I really can't
remember where exactly it comes from), like calling a geek "nerd",
calling a black people "nigger", something like that. it has a meaning
near to "disabled/incomplete Chinese".

so it shouldn't be displayed on our index and should be changed to
[COPY ME]简体中文[/COPY ME].

Could you please give me the utf8 cdes for this string?


Thanks in advance.


Thomas Schmidt (tom [at]
openSUSE Boosters Team
"Don't Panic", Douglas Adams (11.03.1952 - 11.05.2001)

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