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Re: [opensuse-web] No login from ipv6 network are possible
Bruno Friedmann 12/11/11 5:52 AM >>>
Hi, just a reminder (should I put this in bugzilla)

I'm absolutely not able to connect to the following site
all wiki

Working :

My network is dual stack ipv4 & ivp6
When I'm trying to logging I get spurious redirection and rekonq or firefox
stop to load.

I will talk to the network team about this and find out what is going on. & are both without any ipv6 addr : this is a
regression compared to ichain
when the whole infrastructure was ipv6 ready.

That's not exactly true. Nothing in that infrastructure is IPv6 ready,
especially iChain itself. The IPv6 is handled only by an L4 switch that NATs
it to the IPv4 address. However, I understand your point. The IPv6 address is
no longer being NAT'd correctly, and we need to set up an IPv6 address for the
IDP on Access Manager. I will work with the networking team this week on
getting that set up.

I've no fucking idea how to debug that, and my contributions are stacking on
my desk without any hope to >solve it
(it's now like 20 days)

14 days, and I have been spending much of that time working on other incidents
related to the wiki upgrade itself. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the
reminder, and it is next on my list to fix.

If someone in admin staff wants to retrieve informations my ip are
(I don't use tempaddr in ipv6 so it's always the same)

There's no internet coffee shop around with an only ipv4 connection. So it's

During some external work, this week on ipv4 network I can log to all.
Please fix, and help me to help you to fix.

You should be able to disable IPv6 via a boot parameter during startup. I had
to do this at home because my router kept dropping the tunnel I had set up. I
know, it's annoying, but it should work.

My suspicion is that the L4 appliance was not set up correctly on the IPv6
configuration to load balance across the new servers. I will talk to the
network team about this. Also, I will work on getting IPv6 set up for the IPD,
so that should fix the login issues.

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