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Re: [opensuse-web] Changes to the en wiki.

Am Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011 schrieb Rajko M.:
We should not change all things at once.
In case that all changes don't come out as wanted, troubleshooting is
a nightmare.

Needless to say that the wiki update was scheduled for a long time and
the CSS cleanup was done as GCI task - never stop a volunteer ;-)

But yes, in general you have a good point ;-)

About the same time it was updated:
1) Wiki software
3) a lot of templates.

2) and 3) belong together (CSS cleanup)

Now, it is impossible to revert MediaWiki:Common.css as that will
create real breakage.

The changes/additions in Common.css won't break anything (except if they
accidently overwrite an existing CSS class).

The problem was that Common.css is loaded via load.php, so it was
obviously broken until Matthew had fixed load.php. (And yes, failures in
load.php can break a lot...)

I reverted and protected:
because with classes "Edit" link that should be at the end of a title
line, with normal font face, was slapped right after title text and
to make sure that something else is not broken.
was plain broken after the change.

You were too fast with your reverts - or Matthew was too slow with his
fix ;-) Anyway, you can revert your reverts now ;-))

I don't see other way to troubleshoot, but to:
1) revert all template changes,
2) revert MediaWiki:Common.css
3) debug software update problems
4) apply changes to MediaWiki:Common.css, this time few at the time
5) apply classes to templates again

What about trying it again _now_? ;-)
I didn't test lots of pages, but I'm quite sure everything works again.


Christian Boltz
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