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Re: [opensuse-web] Changes to the en wiki.
"Rajko M." <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx> 12/5/2011 11:20 PM >>>
We should not change all things at once.
In case that all changes don't come out as wanted, troubleshooting is a

About the same time it was updated:
1) Wiki software
3) a lot of templates.

Now, it is impossible to revert MediaWiki:Common.css as that will create real
The same is the reason that we can't see what is broken due to softare

I reverted and protected:
because with classes "Edit" link that should be at the end of a title line,
with normal font face, was slapped right after title text and bold.
to make sure that something else is not broken.
was plain broken after the change.

I don't see other way to troubleshoot, but to:
1) revert all template changes,
2) revert MediaWiki:Common.css
3) debug software update problems
4) apply changes to MediaWiki:Common.css, this time few at the time
5) apply classes to templates again

You all should be able to use stage for this. I know that isn't available to people outside the firewall
(yet). However, a little known fact about Access Manager is that you can also
log in by sending it a basic auth header. Stage should be set up to allow this
without trying to redirect you to the login location.

The big problem that you are going to have is getting an account on stage. One
of the Novell employees may want to set up an "opensuse" account on stage,
validate the email, and then share the credentials with the rest of the
contributors to send in a basic auth header. I would do it, but I already have
used my email address for an account on stage. Also, be aware that this basic
auth header will be sent over a non-SSL connection, so NO REAL PASSWORDS.

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