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Re: [opensuse-web] Revamped login page
On Sunday, March 13, 2011 06:43:35 AM Pieter De Decker wrote:
I think that the type of green you used isn't

part of the openSUSE colour palette (yours is too bright).

I think there's conflicting information about the color scheme on the
wiki. Compare: (your link) (the color scheme I used)

Someone changed Help page, but the colors are the same.
Table is a bit messed, fields are not the same size.

I added numbers that you can see on Help page. As there was no numbers in
original, I used color picker to see them.

It is missing web palette by R. Lihm.

I've changed the banner's background color from #94D006 to #8FCF06.
I've also tweaked the drop shadow of the page container. If you're not
seeing it, that's because it depends on a new property that was
introduced in CSS3. Older browsers will just ignore the drop shadow.

Works fine in 11.4.

How it will look with black strip at the top that should be common to all
openSUSE sites? (or should we think about new color, and add some 3D).

I don't think that my current color scheme would work that well with
the black bar, but I can't test it. How do I get it on my page? Is
there a PHP script I can include or something?

Unless someone points you to the actual files, you can pick that up from any
page source.

Besides, I'm not sure that black is the only appropriate color for the top


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