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Re: [opensuse-web] Re: [opensuse-marketing] New www.o.o landing page (Was: Need some quick graphics)
Christian Boltz 03/01/11 2:50 PM >>>

on Dienstag, 1. März 2011, Manu Gupta wrote:
I had a recent discussion about website landing pages on irc, we are
discarding the whole idea and replacing it with wordpress-based news
page and integrating news and landing page

I like the idea, except the "wordpress" part ;-)

Wordpress has a, well, interesting[tm] security history and it seems
they need to get fixes out faster than they can be deployed on the
openSUSE servers ;-) (see

This is true. We have traditionally upgraded all our blogs and wikis on a
quarterly schedule. We have tried to be more responsive to get new updates out
right away, but we just don't have the time to do it in this manner. However,
I am planning on moving the blogs into WP's version control. This will allow
me to fully script the upgrades for all of the blogs, allowing me to do it in
minutes instead of hours.

The community may have to be patient with me on this one, since it will take
some time to move all of Novell and openSUSE blogs into version control and we
are very short on resources at the moment. Once I have this done, we should be
much more responsive to updates.

My proposal is to use Serendipity ("S9Y", It
provides features similar to wordpress and has a much better security
history (only one or two security issues per year, and most of them were
caused by "foreign" code like the WYSIWYG editor library).

S9Y also has the advantage of using smarty templates. Compared to the
PHP/HTML mix used by wordpress (AFAIK), already this is a big win - not
only regarding security.

S9Y also can import data from wordpress etc., so it would even be
possible to migrate news.o.o and lizards.o.o to S9Y.

Oh, and the S9Y developers are usually very responsive - just in case we
need them ;-)

If that's what people want, I certainly have no issue with it. Again, keep in
mind that due to the resource issues mentioned above, we are only handling
critical issues at the moment. It may take us awhile to get to anything else.

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