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[SOLVED ... mostly] Re: [opensuse-virtual] Chainloaded Leap 42.1 Xen Dom0 on EFI hardware -- network offline, xen init failing: "Failed to start The Xen xenstore"
Prior to upgrade, 'nfsserver' was up and running.

After upgrade, I found that

systemctl status nfsserver

reports 'dead/inactive'. And

systemctl enable nfsserver
systemctl start nfsserver

will not start under any circumstance.

Exec'ing a forced reinstall

zypper -n install --force \
rpcbind \
nfs-client \
nfs-kernel-server \
nfsidmap \
quota \
quota-nfs \


shutdown -r now
systemctl enable nfsserver
systemctl start nfsserver

now works.

After another

shutdown -r now

Now, xen server boot completes,

Dom0 & DomU are up

xl list
Name ID Mem VCPUs State Time(s)
Domain-0 0 2987 1 r----- 16.5
template 1 1024 1 -b---- 3.6

& sshd is up & accessible (bug:

Although 'wicked' and 'xenstored' are both still slow starters:

systemd-analyze blame
59.479s wicked.service
52.115s xenstored.service
13.928s xendomains.service
3.548s lvm2-pvscan@9:1.service
2.505s user@0.service
1.394s lvm2-pvscan@9:3.service
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