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Re: [opensuse-virtual] XEN on a 13.1 system
On Thu, 2014-01-16 at 09:20 -0700, Jim Fehlig wrote:
Hans Witvliet wrote:
Hi all,

Are there any known issues with 13.1 as a DOM0 ?

@work, i installed+updated a new system, added XEN-tools + XEN-kernel,
enabled bridging, verified with "xm list" that all was up-and-running.

xm/xend is on the way out. xl/libxl (aka libxenlight) is on the way in,
and the default Xen toolstack in 13.1

See the following bug for some details, in particular comment#11

I also recently wrote a blog post about libvirt's use of the old and new
Xen toolstacks


But when trying to create a domU (with the yast2-module) no show.
First issue was that an ubuntu-client needed hw-virtualisation (which
was disabled in the bios), but after tweaking that, still no show.

Next i tried sles11sp3 (thus using paravirt.) but same problem.
Disabled graphic-emulation, still fails.
(sorry for the briefness, no access to those systems here athome)

Is there anything i should tweak on 13.1?
On 12.1 and 12.2 it worked out-of-the-box...


Hi Jim,

Nice reading, both of them..

Yes, i forgotten that xm/xend is depreceated.
Heard that a couple of times at several fosdems from Ian,
and when you mention "xm" at the xen-lists you are considered a relic
from a distant past....

How ever:
When you do a fresh instalation of the xen-stuff in 13.1, and you try to
create a VM like one is used to do in previous versions, i still got a
warning that i had to check because "xend was not running"

btw the message i got when trying to build it from yast was:
"Error Failed to start the vm, Details:
Error, device0 (VIF) could not be connected.
Hotplug scripts are not working"

The vif-thing, i wonder if that might have something todo with the
admin-unfriendly names, the network devices got since 13.1.
having said that, bridge br0 is up-and-working and eth en!@#$%^ device
is attached to it...

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