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[opensuse-virtual] Re: Static IP and internet access in a VM
2014/1/7 Bruno Friedmann <bruno@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
On Tuesday 07 January 2014 10.26:34 Sankar P wrote:
Hi Bruno,

Sorry for the late reply as I did not get your mail as I was not
subscribed to the
list and I forgot to add my email address explicitly in the CC.

The qmenu xml definition in a host will look like

Also, sorry to say that I was not able to understand what you meant by
qmenu xml definition. I am a total newbie when it comes to setting up
VMs and have used jsut virtualbox with its helpful gui so far. If it
is not too much of an effort, can you explain the steps for
using/generating this XML or point me to relevant documentation where
I can get static IP for my VM but with internet access ? I searched
around but could not find anything newbie friendly.



Sorry if it was not clear, first I would recommend this bible :-)

You will then learn how to edit manually, or with virsh or virt-manager gui
the definition of your vm.

Hope this help you, otherwise, just ping back.

ah, there seem to be a problem. The doc recommends me to create a new
bridged network card (section . Also my VM currently says:
libvirt connection does not support interface management. However,
since I am using network-manager I cannot use YaST to create a new
bridged network card. I want to continue using network manager, as I
want to access my wireless at home etc.

So what will be the way forward ? To be honest, it feels like such a
basic workflow requirement to require a static IP for a VM, that I am
surprised that it is not straightforward. Any other help or pointers ?




Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl

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Sankar P
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