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[opensuse-virtual] Best Practices / Details for Serial Console debug-level logging when using Xen + systemd ?
I boot Opensuse 12.3 + Xen 4.3 using Grub1.


There's a note to

ln -s /usr/lib/systemd/system/serial-getty@.service

On my system, I have just:

find /usr/lib/systemd/system/ -name *serial-getty*

i.e., I do NOT have the symlink for startup in place. I currently have
serial console(s) enabled using the config below. It seems to work, but
it's evolved to this over time, tweaked as kernel- and xen-versions have
changed. I suspect it needs some clean up.

My goal is to have grub, early boot, Xen and detailed, debug-level,
complete boot logged to both a serial console & video out. What, if
anything, SHOULD be changed in the config below for correctness?
Specifically, what's recommended for getting the 'right info' form boot
process for informative reporting on bugs?

cat /boot/grub/menu.lst
serial --unit=0 --speed=57600 --word=8 --parity=no --stop=1
terminal --timeout=6 serial console
title Xen
root (hd0,0)
kernel /xen.gz vga=gfx-1280x1024x16 ... systemd.log_level=debug
systemd.log_target=syslog-or-kmsg loglvl=debug
guest_loglvl=debug com1=57600,8n1,pci console=vga,com1
console_timestamps ... apic_verbosity=verbose iommu=verbose ...
module /vmlinuz-xen log_buf_len=4M console=tty0
console=xvc0,57600n8 xencons=tty earlyprintk=xen vga=0x31a ...
showopts noquiet
module /initrd-xen
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