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[opensuse-virtual] Updating a OpenSuse 11.0 DomU to OpenSuse 11.1 problem
  • From: Jörg Spilker <js@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 15:19:11 +0100
  • Message-id: <49C79A5F.7070603@xxxxxxxxx>
I recently installed OpenSuse 11.0 together with two OpenSuse 11.0
DomU´s. Now i want to update the complete system to OpenSuse 11.1. I had
no problem´s to update the Dom0 system to OpenSuse 11.1. However
updating the DomU´s seems to be a problem.

The first install of the DomU´s was a install into directory with whole
LVM´s partitions exported as disks.

My layout is as follows:

disk=[ 'phy:/dev/domX/daolin_root,xvda,w'
, 'phy:/dev/domX/daolin_boot,xvdb,w'
, 'phy:/dev/domX/daolin_usr,xvdc,w'
, 'phy:/dev/domX/daolin_opt,xvdd,w'
, 'phy:/dev/domX/daolin_var,xvde,w'
, 'phy:/dev/domX/daolin_src,xvdf,w'
, 'phy:/dev/domX/daolin_tmp,xvdg,w'
, 'phy:/dev/data/home,xvdh,w'
, 'phy:/dev/data/foto,xvdi,w'
, 'phy:/dev/data/imap,xvdj,w'
, 'phy:/dev/data/news,xvdk,w'
, 'phy:/dev/data/squid,xvdl,w'
, 'phy:/dev/data/srv,xvdm,w'
, 'phy:/dev/hda1,xvdn,w'
, 'phy:/dev/backup/backup,xvdo,w'
, 'phy:/dev/sr0,xvdy:cdrom,r'
, 'phy:/dev/sr1,xvdz:cdrom,r']

for the initial install i did mount the lvm volumens to subdirs of
/tmp/install and did a install into this directory.

The fstab of the system contains entry like /dev/xvda for mountpoints
(i.e a whole disk, not a partition)

This was working fine.

But i don´t know how i know can update this system to 11.1. Installation
into a directory seems to only can handle fresh installs.

I created a special startup file for xen with allows a disk install of
OpenSuse 11.1. However this doesn´t work because the exported disks are
not recognized as expected. When i choose the update option, the
installer shows no partitions at all.

I have no idea to solve this problem. Do i really have to partition an
exported lvm volume first in the DomU before using it as a mountpoint ?

Greetings, Jörg
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