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Re: [opensuse-virtual] Bug (Maybe?) with finding Xen Guest installation repository
  • From: "Tetsu Asaka" <tetsuichi.asaka@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 15:04:33 -0700
  • Message-id: <61e814a80805301504o2336f2c0xf36dc52d9d1130bf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello Jason!

On 5/30/08, Jason Douglas <jdouglas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just ran into the problem you are seeing with no repository found, but only
on 32-bit guests. A 64-bit openSUSE guest seemed to work just fine. I'm in
the process of investigating the 32-bit issue, but for now, let me address
some of these other issues inline.

I can helpfuly assure you that my PC is using a 64-bit AMD X86_64.

Maybe I can tell you more information that you need. Please request
me for anything!

These errors are very strange and I have been unable to duplicate the
problem. It appears to me as though your GNOME or KDE install is incomplete,
or you installed from factory when things weren't quite right. I'm not sure
what exactly to tell you, but I definitely don't see these errors with RC1.

The System I installed in the origin is the "Minimal Server Installation".

Becuase this is a Domain 0 "Light Weight" system I then decided to
install not KDE or GNOME, only XFCE. This also is the same as I have
done on the tests with Ubuntu or Dabien.

Even though I used Zypper application to assure the dependencies,
maybe I must check for anything specific?

This custom script needs to be changed to work correctly with openSUSE. It
obviously is not the source of your error (since I have been able to
duplicate the problem as well), but you are most likely going to run into
some problems if you run your script the way it is here.

I am searching and reading as much as I can find, but find not much
that say so. I do read at the page
""; that "The instructions for
installing Xen have changed considerably since this article was

This has left me in confusion to how to do this. Is there a good
Documentation for me to read and learn?

> "$dir/network-bridge" "$@" vifnum=0 bridge=xenTEST netdev=eth0

You will see in a later message I have sent the problem also is with
normal scripst.

This should be: $dir/network-bridge" "$@" netdev=eth0

How is it to know the bridge name that I will assign? I will have
several bridges, and must definite the names.

> "$dir/vif-bridge" add vifnum=0 bridge=xenTEST netdev=eth0

Not sure what this is for. What is the purpose?

The vif-script is not called in the "xend-config.sxp" script so it
must be here I think.

> ip link set xenTEST up
> route -A inet add default gw dev xenTEST

I don't think these are needed. The bridge should already be up and default
route added (if appropriate) to the bridge.

I have sometimes in tests needed this to be here. And so I do not
think they are harmful?

If my research is correct, neither Ubuntu nor Centos contain xen 3.2.x. On
older versions of xen, your script would theoretically work, but the
networking changes in xen 3.2 are incompatible with many older scripts.

In Centos it is correct that the Xen version is old. My friend has
tested on both that system and on one he has built the new Xen 3.2.1
from sources.

On Ubuntu the version is shown as Xen 3.2

apt-cache search xen | grep 3.2
python-xen-3.2 - python bindings for Xen, a Virtual Machine Monitor
xen-docs-3.2 - documentation for XEN, a Virtual Machine Monitor
xen-hypervisor-3.2 - The Xen Hypervisor for i386 and amd64.
xen-utils-3.2 - XEN administrative tools

Thank you!


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