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Re: [opensuse-virtual] Problems with Xen-installation resp. configuration
  • From: "Andrew Foulsham" <andrew.foulsham@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 16:58:42 +0100
  • Message-id: <4831B1C1.29817.8E2AE5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 18 May 2008 at 18:32, gildo.rex@xxxxxx wrote:

Hi Andrew,

Do I get this right, that I cannot install a paravirtualized guest from
the CD, but I can install a Xen-Server from the CD?

That may be the case (I'm not certain of the detailed
technicalities), but I do know that although I have performed 1-CD
installs and then installed the xen kernel, any installations of
virtual machines needed to be performed using the DVD media. The good
news is that it doesn't need to be burnt to disk first! It's fine to
just point the installer to the DVD ISO image saved somewhere on the
local filesystem.

Your hint made my saturday!!! The installation worked and the VMs are
performing well

(better than VMware).
Many thanks!

I'm glad it worked for you.

I have got one more challenge to master:

As I'm doing clustertest I'm installing the VMs on one host and test them on
this host. The

next step is to spread the VMs across to hosts. So I need to migrate on of
the DomUs.
With VMware I simply copied the VM to the other physical node and started it.
I tried the same with the DomU and copied the configfile as well as the

When I try to start the DomU on the other node, I get the error message:

mpiphysicaltest2:~ # /usr/sbin/xm create /etc/xen/vm/test2 -c
Using config file "/etc/xen/vm/test2".
Error: (2, 'Invalid kernel', 'xc_dom_compat_check: guest type xen-3.0-x86_32
not supported

by xen kernel, sorry\n')

I checked the kernel via 'uname':

stephan@mpiphysicaltest1:~> uname -a
Linux mpiphysicaltest1 #1 SMP 2008/02/10 20:01:04 UTC i686
i686 i386 GNU/Linux
stephan@mpiphysicaltest1:~> uname -r

stephan@mpiphysicaltest2:/usr/lib/xen/boot> uname -a
Linux mpiphysicaltest2 #1 SMP 2008/02/10 20:01:04 UTC
i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
stephan@mpiphysicaltest2:/usr/lib/xen/boot> uname -r

On the second node (target node), the kernel seems to have a PAE-extension.
Might that hinder the migration? I don't know where it derives from - I
installed both kernel from the same CD from scratch...

How can I harmonize this??

I'm only just beginning to investigate migrating Xen VMs from machine
to machine - I intend doing it with shared storage (iSCSI) and the xm
migrate command. However, I haven't got a live system yet, so I can't
speak with any authority on this.
I think that the problem that you're seeing is due to the two
machines running slightly different kernels. One is a Xen-PAE kernel
and one is a plain Xen kernel. PAE is Physical Address Extension
(support for large memory configuarations on older 32bit hardware)
You may find some of the documentation at
is informative.
I guess that the PAE machine has more than 4GB RAM (one of my test /
development boxes is like this). If the second machine can load a PAE
kernel, it should be OK.

I hope that helps

Andrew Foulsham
IT Support Officer, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
"If you want something done well - leave it in the microwave

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