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Re: [opensuse-ux] Next Shot for a Redesign of YaST Control Center
  • From: "member greenarrow1" <greenarrow1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 20:55:25 -0800
  • Message-id: <26d2590711282055g3aa38497k243a19f3e3fee754@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Being a computer forensics tech I see multiple operating systems and
one area of the Linux system I find different than others is we seem
to set everything up the way a programmer or tech sees the operation
and not the end user. We use terms and info that we understand which
the end user does not. I find this is a sour note from most end users
I talk with since they really do not understand what the meaning is,
ie, YAST, menus, Program Management, instead of Yast,
Programs/Software (basically this is all software within this area).
I know this is little but end users I seen were afraid to use Program
Management because they thought it might corrupt or change their
current settings because they did not realize it was for adding,
updating or deleting programs.

We have to remember not everyone has the knowhow or experience we have
in setting up operating systems, while most buy preconfigured
computers where all they do is config minor programs. I totally
disliked when they broke up the repositories into two on Yast 10.3.
We need to get back to common use like, Display, install/uninstall
programs, etc which the end user would understand without having to
read a manual or wiki to figure out what it does or what it is. Ease
of use is just as important as having thousands of programs. I
noticed KDE4 is going to a ease of use base menus which most should

I looked at the mock ups and I would consider icons enlarging or
moving to being a confusing issue to a end user. No one would expect
something like this to occur. Matter of fact some would even try to
figure out why certain icons all of a sudden enlarged. People know if
they just used a program or area of a menu so what purpose would this


On 11/28/07, Jim Pye <jim.pye@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Wed, 2007-11-28 at 14:43 +0100, Martin Schmidkunz wrote:
Hi everyone,

thanks for all your comments on the YaST Control Center redesign so far.

Please find another suggestion for a radical and innovative redesign on:

The main thought beyond that idea is to increase the size of the modules
when the user has used it. Similar to tag clouds, modules that are used
often become bigger and therefore
* easier to detect
* easier to open because the size the user needs to hit with his mouse
was increased.
The different size would also serve as a kind of "Recently Used" reminder.

One thing I think is a BAD idea is to have the icons move about. I think
just having their size increase once they have been used is good, but
they must stay in their original position on the interface. Otherwise
you are spending more time looking for them than actually doing the task


Jim Pye
PyeNet Universal

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