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29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2010-1: Recommended update for mpg123
02 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1747-1: Recommended update for mc
02 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1752-1: moderate: Recommended update for spec-cleaner
21 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:1921-1: Optional update for libkcapi
24 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1930-1: important: Recommended update for ucode-intel
14 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1884-1: Recommended update for python3-websockets
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2006-1: Recommended update for btrfsmaintenance
14 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1876-1: moderate: Recommended update for gnuhealth
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2009-1: Recommended update for shotwell
29 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:2012-1: Add the_silver_searcher to the SUSE Package Hub
29 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:2014-1: Add perl-File-Copy-Recursive to the SUSE Package Hub
12 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1841-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
04 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:1776-1: Optional update for postgresql96
06 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1804-1: Recommended update for OpenIPMI
09 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1827-1: Recommended update for ibus
13 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1852-1: Recommended update for docker
21 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1920-1: Recommended update for oxygen5-icon-theme
02 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1751-1: Recommended update for xfsprogs
04 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1766-1: moderate: Recommended update for tmux
05 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1782-1: moderate: Recommended update for konsole
24 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1947-1: moderate: Recommended update for coolkey
13 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1854-1: important: Recommended update for tomcat
14 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1878-1: moderate: Recommended update for libquicktime
14 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:1858-1: Initial release of python-rpm-macros
04 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:1767-1: moderate: Recommended update for php7-APCu
28 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1991-1: Recommended update for iptables
24 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1949-1: Recommended update for smartmontools
02 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1755-1: Recommended update for e2fsprogs
06 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1791-1: moderate: Recommended update for espeak-gui
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2004-1: Recommended update for llvm
12 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:1842-1: Add php7-redis to the SUSE PackageHub
05 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1780-1: moderate: Recommended update for libwacom
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2008-1: moderate: Recommended update for squidGuard
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2005-1: moderate: Recommended update for gnuhealth
14 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1880-1: Recommended update for mcelog
14 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1879-1: moderate: Recommended update for openssh
27 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1982-1: important: Recommended update for systemd, dracut
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2000-1: moderate: Recommended update for oidentd
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2007-1: Recommended update for python-websockify
05 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1781-1: moderate: Recommended update for konsole
14 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1877-1: moderate: Recommended update for binutils
02 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1750-1: Recommended update for libsemanage, policycoreutils
23 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:1921-2: Optional update for libkcapi
27 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1978-1: moderate: Recommended update for dovecot22
14 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1873-1: Recommended update for marble
06 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:1789-1: moderate: Optional update for live-fat-stick
06 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1796-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
12 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1840-1: moderate: Security update for sudo
14 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1874-1: Recommended update for marble
06 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1805-1: Recommended update for apache-commons-daemon
13 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1855-1: Recommended update for emacs
02 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1753-1: moderate: Recommended update for gnucash
09 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1828-1: Recommended update for biosdevname
02 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1754-1: moderate: Recommended update for ucode-intel
06 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1788-1: moderate: Recommended update for debootstrap
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1889-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
14 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1883-1: Recommended update for yast2-product-creator
27 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:1977-1: Optional update for sendmail
06 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1808-1: Recommended update for dirmngr
05 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1779-1: moderate: Recommended update for fail2ban
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2017-1: Recommended update for procps
07 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1814-1: moderate: Recommended update for enigmail
04 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1764-1: Recommended update for phpMyAdmin
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2001-1: Recommended update for kyotocabinet
07 Jul openSUSE-OU-2017:1818-1: Initial update for python-cached-property
14 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1881-1: moderate: Recommended update for kernel-firmware
26 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1956-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2015-1: Recommended update for procps
24 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1932-1: important: Recommended update for libXi
24 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1931-1: moderate: Recommended update for release-notes-openSUSE
27 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1981-1: important: Recommended update for systemd, dracut
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:2013-1: Recommended update for perl-Bootloader
27 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1970-1: moderate: Recommended update for tigervnc
06 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1786-1: important: Recommended update for rubygem-facter
28 Jul openSUSE-RU-2017:1987-1: moderate: Recommended update for lxc


24 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1948-1: important: Security update for rubygem-puppet
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1807-1: moderate: Security update for dovecot22
12 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1843-1: important: Security update for spice
14 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1875-1: moderate: Security update for gnutls
08 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1823-1: moderate: Security update for irssi
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1806-1: moderate: Security update for libquicktime
12 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1844-1: moderate: Security update for systemd
08 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1826-1: important: Security update for xen
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1809-1: important: Security update for bind
08 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1822-1: moderate: Security update for libgcrypt
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1803-1: moderate: Security update for apache2
24 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1934-1: moderate: Security update for xorg-x11-server
02 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1749-1: moderate: Security update for kdepim4
28 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1993-1: important: Security update for chromium
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1811-1: moderate: Security update for vim
02 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1756-1: moderate: Security update for kdepim, messagelib
26 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1967-1: moderate: Update for gnu-efi, pesign, shim
13 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1857-1: moderate: Security update for libcares2
04 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1772-1: moderate: Security update for postgresql94
29 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:2011-1: moderate: Security update for mysql-community-server
29 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:2003-1: moderate: Security update for nginx
26 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1966-1: moderate: Security update for containerd, docker, runc
24 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1933-1: important: Security update for evince
19 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1899-1: moderate: Security update for catdoc
28 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1985-1: moderate: Security update for GraphicsMagick
14 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1882-1: important: Recommended update for ncurses
08 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1824-1: moderate: Security update for irssi
14 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1872-1: important: Security update for qemu
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1810-1: moderate: Security update for libxml2
08 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1825-1: important: Security update for the Linux Kernel
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1798-1: moderate: Security update for GraphicsMagick
26 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1959-1: moderate: Security update for catdoc
02 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1748-1: moderate: Security update for kdepim, messagelib
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1797-1: important: Security update for clamav
03 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1757-1: moderate: Security update for php5
29 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:2016-1: moderate: Security update for apache2
26 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1960-1: moderate: Security update for jasper
29 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:2002-1: moderate: Security update for libical
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1801-1: moderate: Security update for libICE
28 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1994-1: important: Security update for chromium
26 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1958-1: moderate: Security update for Wireshark
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1800-1: moderate: Security update for php7
15 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1885-1: important: Security update for xorg-x11-server
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1802-1: moderate: Security update for libXdmcp
12 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1851-1: moderate: Security update for libreoffice
28 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1984-1: moderate: Security update for the_silver_searcher
04 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1765-1: moderate: Security update for ffmpeg
26 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1957-1: moderate: Recommended update for gsoap
01 Jul openSUSE-SU-2017:1746-1: moderate: Security update for libxml2
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