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22 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1370-1: Recommended update for autofs
17 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1320-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1256-1: Recommended update for hwinfo
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1257-1: moderate: Recommended update for tbb
19 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1355-1: Recommended update for yast2-network
22 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1371-1: Recommended update for python-openqa_review
10 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1232-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
27 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1421-1: Recommended update for glibc
08 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1208-1: moderate: Recommended update for mksh
28 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1431-1: moderate: Recommended update for Opera
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1270-1: Recommended update for autoyast2
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1264-1: moderate: Recommended update for multipath-tools
27 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1423-1: moderate: Recommended update for dracut
11 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1243-1: moderate: Recommended update for SuSEfirewall2
02 May openSUSE-OU-2017:1144-1: moderate: Add MongoDB to the SUSE Package Hub
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1266-1: Recommended update for grub2
27 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1424-1: Recommended update for python3
17 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1323-1: End of maintenance announcement for openSUSE Leap 42.1
03 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1152-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
28 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1430-1: moderate: Recommended update for postgresql94
31 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1456-1: moderate: Recommended update for vsftpd
31 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1458-1: moderate: Recommended update for virtualbox
24 May openSUSE-OU-2017:1395-1: Add phpMyAdmin to the SUSE Package Hub
29 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1435-1: Recommended update for ncompress
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1269-1: Recommended update for gpg2
06 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1195-1: Recommended update for java-1_8_0-openjdk
06 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1193-1: moderate: Recommended update for pgadmin3
30 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1439-1: moderate: Recommended update for ktorrent
19 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1354-1: moderate: Recommended update for libvirt
04 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1176-1: Recommended update for crash
08 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1197-1: moderate: Recommended update for grub2
30 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1440-1: Recommended update for site-config
19 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1356-1: Recommended update for virtualbox
06 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1191-1: Recommended update for sqlite3
19 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1361-1: moderate: Recommended update for Mozilla Thunderbird
17 May openSUSE-OU-2017:1326-1: Initial update for collectl
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1271-1: Recommended update for gtk3
08 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1200-1: Recommended update for machinery
19 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1364-1: Recommended update for spec-cleaner
06 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1192-1: moderate: Recommended update for Opera
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1276-1: Recommended update for openvpn
26 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1414-1: moderate: Recommended update for mysql-community-server
30 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1453-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1255-1: moderate: Recommended update for alsa
27 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1425-1: Recommended update for lua
17 May openSUSE-OU-2017:1327-1: Initial update for keepassXC
19 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1362-1: moderate: Recommended update for Mozilla Thunderbird
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1274-1: Recommended update for procps
08 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1214-1: important: Recommended update for ruby2.1
28 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1428-1: moderate: Recommended update for systemd
19 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1363-1: moderate: Recommended update for enigmail
27 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1420-1: moderate: Recommended update for python
17 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1324-1: Recommended update for vncmanager
06 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1189-1: Recommended update for os-prober
23 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1376-1: moderate: Recommended update for wicked
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1267-1: moderate: Recommended update for Mozilla Firefox
23 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1374-1: moderate: Recommended update for the Open Build Service client toolchain
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1260-1: Recommended update for opera
19 May openSUSE-OU-2017:1358-1: Initial update for votca-tools, votca-csgapps, votca-csg, txt2tags, tinyxml2 and gromacs
31 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1457-1: moderate: Recommended update for rubygem-jquery-ui-rails
08 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1202-1: Recommended update for yast2-services-manager
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1259-1: moderate: Recommended update for dos2unix
23 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1375-1: Recommended update for dnsmasq
08 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1213-1: Recommended update for nfs-utils
29 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1434-1: Recommended update for ncompress
11 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1240-1: Recommended update for evolution
24 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1407-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
15 May openSUSE-RU-2017:1258-1: moderate: Recommended update for samba


08 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1199-1: moderate: Security update for tcpdump, libpcap
15 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1273-1: important: Security update for graphite2
26 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1415-1: important: Security update for samba
09 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1221-1: important: Security update for xen
15 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1272-1: important: Security update for kauth, kdelibs4
28 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1426-1: moderate: Security update for libplist
15 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1254-1: important: Security update for kauth, kdelibs4
08 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1212-1: moderate: Security update for libressl
08 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1211-1: moderate: Security update for libressl
26 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1412-1: important: Security update for rpcbind
15 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1275-1: Security update for rzip
23 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1390-1: moderate: Security update for libxslt
15 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1292-1: important: Security update for tomcat
31 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1455-1: important: Security update for sudo
16 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1312-1: important: Security update for qemu
28 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1427-1: moderate: Security update for libsndfile
08 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1209-1: important: Security update for mysql-community-server
24 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1401-1: important: Security update for samba
18 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1343-1: important: Security update for smb4k
08 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1203-1: important: Security update for ghostscript
08 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1205-1: moderate: Security update for dpkg
31 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1460-1: moderate: Security update for libraw
15 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1263-1: moderate: Security update for roundcubemail
08 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1210-1: moderate: Security update for zziplib
06 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1196-1: moderate: Security update for MozillaThunderbird
28 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1429-1: important: Security update for java-1_7_0-openjdk
06 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1194-1: important: Security update for Chromium
06 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1190-1: important: Security update for Chromium
29 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1433-1: moderate: Security update for ffmpeg2
24 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1402-1: moderate: Security update for bash
15 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1268-1: moderate: Security update for MozillaThunderbird
23 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1381-1: important: Security update for libtirpc
02 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1150-1: moderate: Security update for weechat
08 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1201-1: Security update for quagga
08 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1215-1: important: Security update for the Linux Kernel
01 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1140-1: important: Security update for the Linux Kernel
27 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1422-1: moderate: Security update for git
01 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1139-1: moderate: Security update for feh
10 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1230-1: moderate: Security update for swftools
31 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1459-1: moderate: Security update for miniupnpc
02 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1142-1: important: Security update for virtualbox
04 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1177-1: Security update for GraphicsMagick
26 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1413-1: moderate: Security update for GraphicsMagick
02 May openSUSE-SU-2017:1141-1: important: Security update for virtualbox
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