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openSUSE-SU-2016:2378-1: moderate: Security update for Thunderbird
openSUSE Security Update: Security update for Thunderbird

Announcement ID: openSUSE-SU-2016:2378-1
Rating: moderate
References: #990856 #991809
Cross-References: CVE-2016-2830 CVE-2016-2836 CVE-2016-2837
CVE-2016-2838 CVE-2016-2839 CVE-2016-5252
CVE-2016-5254 CVE-2016-5258 CVE-2016-5259
CVE-2016-5262 CVE-2016-5263 CVE-2016-5264
CVE-2016-5265 CVE-2016-6354
Affected Products:
openSUSE 13.1

An update that fixes 14 vulnerabilities is now available.


- update to Thunderbird 45.3.0 (boo#991809)
* Disposition-Notification-To could not be used in
* "edit as new message" on a received message pre-filled the sender
as the composing identity.
* Certain messages caused corruption of the drafts summary database.
security fixes:
* MFSA 2016-62/CVE-2016-2836 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
* MFSA 2016-63/CVE-2016-2830 (bmo#1255270) Favicon network connection
can persist when page is closed
* MFSA 2016-64/CVE-2016-2838 (bmo#1279814) Buffer overflow rendering
SVG with bidirectional content
* MFSA 2016-65/CVE-2016-2839 (bmo#1275339) Cairo rendering crash due
to memory allocation issue with FFmpeg 0.10
* MFSA 2016-67/CVE-2016-5252 (bmo#1268854) Stack underflow during 2D
graphics rendering
* MFSA 2016-70/CVE-2016-5254 (bmo#1266963) Use-after-free when using
alt key and toplevel menus
* MFSA 2016-72/CVE-2016-5258 (bmo#1279146) Use-after-free in DTLS
during WebRTC session shutdown
* MFSA 2016-73/CVE-2016-5259 (bmo#1282992) Use-after-free in service
workers with nested sync events
* MFSA 2016-76/CVE-2016-5262 (bmo#1277475) Scripts on marquee tag can
execute in sandboxed iframes
* MFSA 2016-77/CVE-2016-2837 (bmo#1274637) Buffer overflow in
ClearKey Content Decryption Module (CDM) during video playback
* MFSA 2016-78/CVE-2016-5263 (bmo#1276897) Type confusion in display
* MFSA 2016-79/CVE-2016-5264 (bmo#1286183) Use-after-free when
applying SVG effects
* MFSA 2016-80/CVE-2016-5265 (bmo#1278013) Same-origin policy
violation using local HTML file and saved shortcut file

- Fix for possible buffer overrun (boo#990856) CVE-2016-6354
(bmo#1292534) [mozilla-flex_buffer_overrun.patch]

- add a screenshot to appdata.xml

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Security Update use YaST online_update.
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

- openSUSE 13.1:

zypper in -t patch 2016-1120=1

To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

Package List:

- openSUSE 13.1 (i586 x86_64):



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