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openSUSE-RU-2015:1232-1: moderate: Recommended update for wicked
openSUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for wicked

Announcement ID: openSUSE-RU-2015:1232-1
Rating: moderate
References: #903759 #911310 #915025 #916402 #918069 #919573
#927615 #931288 #934067
Affected Products:
openSUSE 13.2

An update that has 9 recommended fixes can now be installed.


wicked was updated to version 0.6.19, bringing several changes and

- dhcp4: improve invalid dhcp options handling (boo#918069)
- dhcp6: just drop an info lease on release request and stop
- dhcp6: refresh ipv6 link on newprefix in auto mode to workaround, that
the kernel does not send us events about mode change when RA timers are
unspecified (bsc#934067)
- ethtool: do not warn when reading ethtool settings while netlink newlink
processing and the device is already gone.
- ibft: ignore invalid default gateway ( and ::) provided by the
firmware (bsc#903759)
- wireless: handle ANY for WPA-EAP methods and send passwd when phase2
method isn't set (boo#927615)
- bonding: don't insist, that arp_validate=none default is valid in
active-backup mode only (boo#919573)
- wickedd: fix to send requested device-up event ack
- nanny: fix error handling for NULL policy objects and fix to not compare
iftype to a dbus class name (boo#931288)
- nanny: ensure a device is ready to satisfy a policy match
- nanny: fixes improving delete and hotplug handling
- ifup: do not recurse when generating nanny policy matches
- ifreload: properly handle some config rename cases
- fsm: ensure to process events in order and don't advance fsm state from
events when device state outdistances it.
- schema: cleanup netif-reference meta:require checks.
- spec: require util-linux-systemd providing logger (bsc#911310)
- conditionally enable nanny use (boo#915025,bsc#916402)

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Recommended Update use YaST online_update.
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

- openSUSE 13.2:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2015-481=1

To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

Package List:

- openSUSE 13.2 (i586 x86_64):



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