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28 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0782-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for myspell-dictionaries
23 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0753-1: moderate: Recommended update for LibreOffice
16 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0726-1: moderate: Recommended update for lsof
27 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0771-1: moderate: Recommended update for perl-IO-Socket-SSL
21 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0737-1: moderate: Recommended update for Xournal
08 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0680-1: moderate: Recommended update for tigervnc
07 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0664-1: moderate: Recommended update for apper
08 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0683-1: Recommended update for apache2-mod_nss
21 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0738-1: important: Recommended update for tar
30 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0806-1: moderate: Recommended update for poppler
21 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0741-1: moderate: Recommended update for pulseaudio
20 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0731-1: moderate: Recommended update for Apache2
20 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0730-1: moderate: Recommended update for timezone
21 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0740-1: moderate: Recommended update for fail2ban
15 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0721-1: moderate: Recommended update for ibus
28 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0785-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for docker
28 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0786-1: Recommended update for KDE Frameworks to version 5.9.0
01 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0645-1: moderate: Recommended update for calligra and calligra-l10n
29 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0800-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for rsyslog
23 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0754-1: important: Recommended update for pulseaudio
15 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0720-1: moderate: Recommended update for obs-service-download_files, obs-service-tar_scm, osc
20 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0729-1: moderate: Recommended update for lvm2
01 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0642-1: moderate: Recommended update for timezone
01 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0646-1: moderate: Recommended update for systemd
27 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0770-1: Recommended update for vsftpd
08 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0681-1: moderate: Recommended update for vsftpd
24 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0764-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for spec-cleaner
07 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0663-1: moderate: Recommended update for krusader
24 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0762-1: moderate: Recommended update for libxine2
14 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0717-1: Recommended update for KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 5
01 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0647-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for gst-fluendo-mp3
21 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0739-1: Gnomestack update for the 3.14 stable branch
08 Apr openSUSE-RU-2015:0686-1: moderate: Recommended update for laptop-mode-tools


29 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0799-1: moderate: Security update for curl
27 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0774-1: important: Security update for java-1_7_0-openjdk
13 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0714-1: important: Security update for the Linux Kernel
29 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0798-1: moderate: Security update for python-Pillow
22 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0748-1: moderate: Security update for Chromium
27 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0773-1: important: Security update for java-1_8_0-openjdk
07 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0672-1: moderate: Security update for subversion
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0685-1: Security update for potrace
24 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0760-1: moderate: Security update for socat
13 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0713-1: important: Security update for Linux Kernel
07 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0673-1: moderate: Security update for libgit2
24 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0763-1: moderate: Security update for Mozille Firefox
16 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0725-1: important: Security update for Adobe Flash Player
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0682-1: important: Security update for Chromium
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0718-1: important: Security update for Adobe Flash Player
24 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0761-1: moderate: Security update for Mozille Firefox
16 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0724-1: moderate: Security update for rubygem-rest-client
16 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0728-1: moderate: Security update for icecast
13 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0712-1: moderate: Security update for tor
01 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0644-1: moderate: Security update for php5
30 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0807-1: important: Security update for DirectFB
20 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0732-1: important: Security update for xen
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0687-1: moderate: Security update for quassel
01 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0643-1: moderate: Security update for python-Django
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0677-1: important: Security update for MozillaFirefox, MozillaThunderbird, mozilla-nspr
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0684-1: moderate: Security update for php5
16 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0727-1: moderate: Security update for ntop
27 Apr openSUSE-SU-2015:0775-1: moderate: Security update for ntp
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