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openSUSE-RU-2015:0140-1: aws-cli
openSUSE Recommended Update: aws-cli

Announcement ID: openSUSE-RU-2015:0140-1
Rating: low
References: #905354
Affected Products:
openSUSE 13.2

An update that has one recommended fix can now be installed.


This recommended update for aws-cli fixes the following issues:

- Update to version 1.7.1 (bnc#905354)

+ bugfix:``aws s3 cp``: Fix issue with parts of a file being
downloaded more than once when streaming to stdout (`issue 1087
+ bugfix:``--no-sign-request``: Fix issue where requests were still
trying to be signed even though user used the ``--no-sign-request`` flag.
(`botocore issue 433 <>`__)
+ bugfix:``aws cloudsearchdomain search``: Fix invalid signatures
when using the ``aws cloudsearchdomain search`` command (`issue 976
+ feature:``aws cloudhsm``: Add support for AWS CloudHSM.
+ feature:``aws ecs``: Add support for ``aws ecs``, the Amazon EC2
Container Service (ECS)
+ feature:``aws rds``: Add Encryption at Rest and CloudHSM Support.
+ feature:``aws ec2``: Add Classic Link support
+ feature:``aws cloudsearch``: Update ``aws cloudsearch`` command to
latest version
+ bugfix:``aws cloudfront wait``: Fix issue where wait commands did
not stop waiting when a success state was reached. (`botocore issue 426
+ bugfix:``aws ec2 run-instances``: Allow binary files to be passed
to ``--user-data`` (`botocore issue 416
+ bugfix:``aws cloudsearchdomain suggest``: Add ``--suggest-query``
option to fix the argument being shadowed by the top level ``--query``
option. (`issue 1068 <>`__)
+ bugfix:``aws emr``: Fix issue with endpoints for ``eu-central-1``
and ``cn-north-1`` (`botocore issue 423
+ bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where empty XML nodes are now parsed
as an empty string ``""`` instead of ``null``, which allows for round
tripping ``aws s3 get/put-bucket-lifecycle`` (`issue 1076
+ bugfix:AssumeRole: Fix issue with cache filenames when assuming a
role on Windows (`issue 1063
+ bugfix:``aws s3 ls``: Fix issue when listing Amazon S3 objects
containing non-ascii characters in eu-central-1 (`issue 1046
+ feature:``aws storagegateway``: Update the ``aws storagegateway``
command to the latest version
+ feature:``aws emr``: Update the ``aws emr`` command to the latest
+ bugfix:``aws emr create-cluster``: Fix script runnner jar to the
current region location when ``--enable-debugging`` is specified in the
``aws emr create-cluster`` command
+ bugfix:``aws datapipeline get-pipeline-definition``: Rename
operation parameter ``--version`` to ``--pipeline-version`` to avoid
shadowinga built in parameter (`issue 1058
+ bugfix:pip installation: Fix issue where pip installations would
cause an error due to the system's python configuration (`issue 1051
+ feature:``aws elastictranscoder``: Update the ``aws
elastictranscoder`` command to the latest version
+ bugfix:Non-ascii chars: Fix issue where escape sequences were
being printed instead of the non-ascii chars (`issue 1048
+ bugfix:``aws iam create-virtual-mfa-device``: Fix issue with
``--outfile`` not supporting relative paths (`issue 1002
+ feature:``aws sqs``: Add support for Amazon Simple Queue Service
purge queue which allows users to delete the messages in their queue.
+ feature:``aws opsworks``: Add AWS OpsWorks support for registering
and assigning existing Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises servers.
+ feature:``aws opsworks register``: Registers an EC2 instance or
machine with AWS OpsWorks. Registering a machine using this command will
install the AWS OpsWorks agent on the target machine and register it with
an existing OpsWorks stack.
+ bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue with expired signatures when retrying
failed requests (`botocore issue 399
+ bugfix:``aws cloudformation get-template``: Fix error message when
template does not exist (`issue 1044
+ feature:``aws kinesis put-records``: Add support for PutRecord
operation. It writes multiple data records from a producer into an Amazon
Kinesis stream in a single call
+ feature:``aws iam get-account-authorization-details``: Add support
for GetAccountAuthorizationDetails operation. It retrieves information
about all IAM users, groups, and roles in your account, including their
relationships to one another and their attached policies.
+ feature:``aws route53 update-hosted-zone-comment``: Add support
for updating the comment of a hosted zone.
+ bugfix:Timestamp Arguments: Fix issue where certain timestamps
were not being accepted as valid input (`botocore issue 389
+ bugfix:``aws s3``: Skip files whose names cannot be properly
decoded (`issue 1038 <>`__)
+ bugfix:``aws kinesis put-record``: Fix issue where ``--data``
argument was not being base64 encoded (`issue 1033
+ bugfix:``aws cloudwatch put-metric-data``: Fix issue where the
values for ``--statistic-values`` were not being parsed properly (`issue
1036 <>`__)
+ feature:``aws datapipeline``: Add support for using AWS Data
Pipeline templates to create pipelines and bind values to parameters in
the pipeline
+ feature:``aws elastictranscoder``: Add support for encryption of
files in Amazon S3
+ bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where requests were not being
resigned correctly when using Signature Version 4 (`botocore issue 388
+ bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where KMS encrypted objects could not
be downloaded (`issue 1026 <>`__)
+ bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where datetime's were not being
parsed properly when a profile was specified (`issue 1020
+ bugfix:Assume Role Credential Provider: Fix issue with parsing
expiry time from assume role credential provider (`botocore issue 387
+ feature:``aws redshift``: Add support for integration with KMS
+ bugfix:``aws cloudtrail create-subscription``: Set a bucket config
location constraint on buckets created outside of us-east-1. (`issue 1013
+ bugfix:``aws deploy push``: Fix s3 multipart uploads
+ bugfix:``aws s3 ls``: Fix return codes for non existing objects
(`issue 1008 <>`__)
+ bugfix:Retrying Signed Requests: Fix issue where requests using
Signature Version 4 signed with temporary credentials were not being
retried properly, resulting in auth errors (`botocore issue 379
+ bugfix:``aws s3api get-bucket-location``: Fix issue where getting
the bucket location for a bucket in eu-central-1 required specifying
``--region eu-central-1`` (`botocore issue 380
+ bugfix:Timestamp Input: Fix regression where timestamps without
any timezone information were not being handled properly (`issue 982
+ bugfix:Signature Version 4: You can enable Signature Version 4 for
Amazon S3 commands by running ``aws configure set
default.s3.signature_version s3v4`` (`issue 1006
<>`__, `botocore issue 382
+ bugfix:``aws emr``: Fix issue where ``--ssh``, ``--get``,
``--put`` would not work when the cluster was in a waiting state (`issue
1007 <>`__)
+ feature:Binary File Input: Add support for reading file contents
as binary by prepending the filename with ``fileb://`` (`issue 1010
+ bugfix:Streaming Output File: Fix issue when streaming a response
to a file and an error response is returned (`issue 1012
+ bugfix:Binary Output: Fix regression where binary output was no
longer being base64 encoded (`issue 1001
<>`__, `issue 970
+ feature:``aws lambda``: Add support for Amazon Lambda
+ feature:``aws s3``: Add support for S3 notifications
+ bugfix:``aws configservice get-status``: Fix connecting to
endpoint without using ssl. (`issue 998
+ bugfix:``aws deploy push``: Fix some python compatibility issues
(`issue 1000 <>`__)
+ feature:``aws deploy``: Adds support for AWS CodeDeploy
+ feature:``aws configservice``: Adds support for AWS Config
+ feature:``aws kms``: Adds support AWS Key Management Service
+ feature:``aws s3api``: Adds support for S3 server-side encryption
using KMS
+ feature:``aws ec2``: Adds support for EBS encryption using KMS
+ feature:``aws cloudtrail``: Adds support for CloudWatch Logs
+ feature:``aws cloudformation``: Adds support for template summary.
+ feature:AssumeRole Credential Provider: Add support for assuming a
role by configuring a ``role_arn`` and a ``source_profile`` in the AWS
config file (`issue 991 <>`__,
`issue 990 <>`__)
+ feature:Waiters: Add a ``wait`` subcommand that allows for a
command to block until an AWS resource reaches a given state (`issue 992
<>`__, `issue 985
+ bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where request was not properly signed
on retried requests for ``aws s3`` (`issue 986
<>`__, `botocore issue 375
+ bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where ``--exclude`` and ``--include``
were not being properly applied when a s3 prefix was provided. (`issue 993
+ feature:``aws cloudfront``: Adds support for wildcard cookie names
options caching.
+ feature:``aws route53``: Add further support for private dns and
+ feature:``aws cognito-sync``: Add support for push sync.
+ bugfix:Pagination: Only display ``--page-size`` when an operation
can be paginated (`issue 956 <>`__)
+ feature:``--generate-cli-skeleton``: Generates a JSON skeleton to
fill out and be used as input to ``--cli-input-json``. (`issue 963
+ feature:``--cli-input-json``: Runs an operation using a global
JSON file that supplies all of the operation's arguments. This JSON file
can be generated by ``--generate-cli-skeleton``. (`issue 963
+ feature:``aws s3/s3api``: Show hint about using the correct region
when the corresponding error occurs (`issue 968

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Recommended Update use YaST online_update.
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

- openSUSE 13.2:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2015-72

To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

Package List:

- openSUSE 13.2 (noarch):



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