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22 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1229-1: iscsitarget: Removed startup script hacking on sysconfig files
03 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1134-1: important: NetworkManager-strongswan: Fixed an issue where "program" in points to a wrong binary
15 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1197-1: moderate: xorg-x11-Xvnc: Use correct keycode for level3 shift.
24 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1245-1: grub2: recommanded update to fix grub2-mkconfig in xen domU
22 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1225-1: sudo: Enable SSSD as a sudoers data source
15 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1199-1: Update to KDE 4.10.5. This would be the last bugfix release for KDE 4.10 (bnc#822760). Due to various testing the 4.10.4 release was skipped, but we would like to push this release as the last KDE maintenance update for 12.3
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1266-1: moderate: xorg-x11-Xvnc: fix for memory leaks on keypresses
15 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1195-1: moderate: timezone: July 2013 update
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1271-1: bash: Several fixes
10 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1172-1: Update openSUSE open-iscsi to SLES 11 SP3
26 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1259-1: Softwarestack update 06/13
08 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1156-1: moderate: expat: fixed visibility of XML exports
22 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1230-1: compcache: module parameter again changed back to "num_devices"
22 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1228-1: gettext: Fix broken handling of unicode code point escapes in Tcl
22 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1224-1: xorg-x11-server: fix Xephyr incorrect commandline arguments parsing
03 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1127-1: projectM: Fixed error in standard configuration File
16 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1204-1: moderate: timezone: July 2013 update
22 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1227-1: moderate: plotutils: Several fixes and bnc829497
05 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1149-1: icecream to fix crash after boot
10 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1169-1: moderate: libyui-ncurses: bugfixes for YaST2 ncurses mode
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1268-1: tightvnc: Add '-securitytypes none', that is necessary for tigervnc again.
05 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1145-1: fcitx-chewing: Update to bugfix-release 0.2.1
03 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1128-1: important: librcc: fix chinese charset with unzip
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1272-1: moderate: wireless-tools: rename iwlagn modprobe snippet
15 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1198-1: jack: Update to to make it work with ffado-2.1.0 included in openSUSE 12.3
05 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1147-1: moderate: xf86-video-modesetting: Update to 0.8.0 and several fixes
15 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1196-1: Fix eog crash
10 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1171-1: moderate: fuse: bugfix update to 2.9.2
01 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1109-1: moderate: gnome-games: Fixes several crashes at start
16 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1205-1: coreutils: preserve timestamps of symlinks with -al
08 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1157-1: Delete dangling symlink /usr/bin/seaudit
03 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1129-1: taglib: Added check if file is open before attempting to read tags
30 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1274-1: pgadmin3: Update to version 1.16.1 which supports the current version of PostgreSQL
01 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1108-1: pesign-obs-integration: Put debuginfo packages to %_topdir/OTHER
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1270-1: added BuildRequire: libXaw-devel to fix lefty creation (bnc#797258)
31 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1280-1: tcl: Link tclsh against libpthread without enabling thread support
31 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1279-1: amarok: Update to 2.7.1 bugfix release
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1267-1: moderate: glchess: fix crash when playing timed games
19 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1222-1: Softwarestack update 06/13
10 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1170-1: moderate: ocfs2-tools: bugfix update
02 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1123-1: moderate: syslog-ng: update to 3.4.2 and a additional fix
24 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1243-1: cmake: add missing operator= for cmCustomCommand
22 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1226-1: moderate: python: fix bundle-lang bug with missing translations
29 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1269-1: moderate: percona-toolkit: update to 2.1.10
08 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1159-1: moderate: yast2-ldap-server: fixed initialization error
25 Jul openSUSE-RU-2013:1252-1: important: plymouth: Fix possible hang for plymouth quit


11 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1177-1: moderate: update for xorg-x11-server
25 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1253-1: moderate: update for kdebase4-workspace
11 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1178-1: moderate: perl-Module-Signature
04 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1140-1: important: regular updates for Mozilla applications (FF/TB)
24 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1247-1: moderate: java-1_6_0-openjdk to IcedTea 1.12.6
03 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1132-1:
31 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1281-1: moderate: file-roller to sanitize path names
16 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1203-1: moderate: python-django to 1.4.5
17 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1207-1: moderate: cgit to fix directory traversal
11 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1181-1: moderate: update for ruby19
15 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1201-1: moderate: tinyproxy: security fixes
24 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1246-1: moderate: libxml2 to fix out of bounds reads
08 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1158-1: moderate: update for nagios
15 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1200-1: moderate: update for chromium
23 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1236-1: lcms2: updated to 2.5 to fix several security issues and bugs
15 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1202-1: moderate: qemu
23 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1235-1: moderate: update for nagstamon
04 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1143-1: important: xulrunner: 17.0.7esr
24 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1248-1: moderate: python-django to 1.4.5
02 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1119-1: moderate: Fix kpasswd UDP ping-pong
12 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1188-1: important: Mesa: security fixes for Intel drivers
05 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1146-1: moderate: update for openstack-swift
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1154-1: moderate: update for python-bugzilla
02 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1121-1: moderate: update for fail2ban
02 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1118-1: moderate: update for dbus-1
12 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1192-1: important: flash-player for APSB13-17
15 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1194-1: moderate: update for chromium
02 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1122-1: moderate: update for krb5
04 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1142-1: important: MozillaFirefox: Update to Firefox 22.0 release
02 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1117-1: moderate: xdm: fixed NULL pointer crash
02 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1120-1: moderate: update for fail2ban
12 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1187-1: important: 3.0.80 kernel update
26 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1258-1: moderate: srtp
03 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1133-1: moderate: update for curl
04 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1139-1: moderate: update for subversion
24 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1249-1: moderate: update for php5
17 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1208-1: moderate: python-suds: fixed insecure temp directory usage
05 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1148-1: moderate: update for xorg-x11-server
11 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1179-1: moderate: ruby19
19 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1221-1: moderate: libxml2 to fix out of bounds reads
12 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1186-1: moderate: ruby19
06 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1155-1: moderate: update for python-bugzilla
24 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1244-1: moderate: update for php5
11 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1180-1: moderate: seamonkey: 2.19
11 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1176-1: important: update to SeaMonkey 2.19
12 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1191-1: important: flash-player for APSB13-17
12 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1185-1: moderate: perl-Module-Signature
08 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1160-1: moderate: update for nagios
04 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1141-1: important: MozillaThunderbird: 17.0.7
10 Jul openSUSE-SU-2013:1168-1: moderate: libkdcraw: security fix for potential crash
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