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openSUSE-RU-2012:0788-1: Documentation update
openSUSE Recommended Update: Documentation update

Announcement ID: openSUSE-RU-2012:0788-1
Rating: low
References: #703489 #706459 #706464 #706475 #706479 #708637
#758401 #763268
Affected Products:
openSUSE 12.1

An update that has 8 recommended fixes can now be installed.


This update fixes the following issues for daps,
suse-xsl-stylesheets and opensuse-manuals_ru:

- Version 1.0.2 (Bugfix Release):
* Important:
- in order to avoid confusion with short options for
daps itself (such as -d for --docconfig and --draft), the
subcommands only support long options now. The following
short options for subcommands are no longer supported:
-c (use --comments)
-d (use --draft)
-f (use --file)
-m (use --meta)
-n (use --name)
-p (use --pretty)
-r (use --remarks)
-s (use --show)
- the only short option that will remain is -h (help)

* Bugfixes:
- added proper help texts for subcommands
- target warn-images did not work
- target missinggraphics did not show all missing images
- daps failed with a useless error message when $MAIN
was not well-formed. The fix produces a useful error
message now
- --remarks option did not work with DocBook stylesheets
- paths specified on the command line or the config
file had to be absolute. The fix now allows to also specify
relative paths for all configurable directories and files
correctly unset when one of these modes was not set on the
command line but implied by another mode (e.g. --meta). The
result was a wrong filename
- target webhelp-dir-name was missing
- draft.png was not shown in PDF/HTML draft builds when
using the DocBook Stylesheets
- Due to a variable name mismatch, the --name option
did not work properly
- target showvariable exited with an error if requested
variable was empty
- config options FOP_CONFIG and XEP_CONFIG were not
used. The fix renames them to FOP_CONFIG_FILE and
XEP_CONFIG_FILE - these variables are used in the wrapper
- FOP_WRAPPER and XEP_WRAPPER were not set correctly
when DAPSROOT was set
- disabled Permalink generation for PDFs (this is an
HTML-only feature)
- images were not cerrectly references for target jsp
- the DEF file was not correctly packaged in target
- fixed webhelp target. Wildcards do not work in
classpath expression, resolved them with $(wildcard
- Warning message "DEF file is missing" was issued for
targets that do not have a --def-file option
- targets package-html and package-pdf failed with an
error on desktop files generation
- target remaininggraphics always returned an empty list
- SVG to SVG conversions generated useless error

* Stylesheets:
- removed obsolete stuff for @role=productname,
productnumber, or productnameref

* Documentation:
- Quick Start Guide: Finished
- User Guide: Significant additions, but still work in
- Updated README.upgrade_from_susedoc_4.x

- Version 1.0:

* Bugfix:
- Use XEP/FOP wrapper scripts by default

- Version 1.0 RC5:

* Bugfix:
- Setting stack size for FOP to 512k in wrapper script,
otherwise builds on i586 fail during hyphenation

- Version 1.0 RC4:

* Bugfix:
- Not all links were dereferenced with --static

- Version 1.0 RC3:

* Bugfixes:
- Issuing hint on missing formatter scripts only when
verbosity is >= 1
- spec-file: Fixed typo on suse-xsl-stylesheet
'recommends python-xml' needs to be a general requirement
- fixed path to callouts and style images for FO

* Lots of minor documentation fixes/enhancements

- Version 1.0 RC2:

* Bugfixes:
- issue a hint rather than exiting when XEP/FOP_WRAPPER
do not exist
- daps_xslt/yelp/*.xsl was not installed by make install

- Version 1.0 RC1:

* Bugfixes:
- fixed minor package building issues
- inkscape always returns 0, even in case of an error.
Added a workaround, so daps now exits when an image
conversion with inkscape fails
- --main option should work now
- Fixed errors on setting the fallback stylesheets
- comments and remarks did not show up in the docs when
requested (again ;-(( ) - this is fixed now

* much better error handling - daps will now exit when
wrong paths or a non existing ROOTID are entered in the
user config file or the DC file

* significant enhancements to the Documentation
(Reference and Quickstart)

- Target for index generation had wrong ending (.idx
instead of .ind)
- Typo in Makefile caused wrong catalog entries
- showvariable now only shows the result to make it better
suited for script usage

- Version 1.0beta2:
* Bugfix:
- Finally found the correct solution for
adding/removing catalog entries in the spec file

* Enhancement: webhelp suppport

- Version 1.0beta1:

* Rebuild large parts to make DAPS
- rewrote Makefile for automake/autoconf => configure;
make; make install is now supported
- thorough cross-distribution testing is still needed,
basic tests have been run on RedHat, Debian and Ubuntu

* removal of custom stylesheets
- DAPS no longer uses the SUSE stylesheets as a
default. It even no longer contains the SUSE stylesheets -
they are now available as a separate package
(suse-xsl-stylesheets in Documentation:Tools).
- By default DAPS uses the generic DocBook stylesheets
- Custom stylesheets such as the SUSE stylesheets can be
used by specifying up to four parameters on the command
line/the config files:
* Styleroot:
- Directory containing the custom stylesheets. Must
have the same directory structure as the original DocBook
stylesheet root directory. Does _not_ need to contain
stylesheets for all output formats. If stylesheets are not
found, DAPS will automatically fall back to the DocBook
- Variable: STYLEROOT
- Parameter: --styleroot
- Value: absolute path to directory
* Fallback styleroot
- Custom fallback styleroot. If DAPS cannot find
styles for the given output format, it will automatically
fall back to the DocBook stylesheets. This config option
will add a custom fallback directory with higher priority.
The DocBook stylesheets will remain as a last resort,
- Parameter: --fb_styleroot
- Value: absolute path to directory
* CSS files:
- Specify CSS files for HTML and/or CSS. By default
no CSS file will be used.
- Variables: HTML_CSS, EPUB_CSS
- Parameter: --css for html and epub targets (daps
-d DC html--css CSS )
- Value: absolute path to file

* rewrote FOP formatter handling - both supported
formatters (FOP/XEP) are now controlled by the
following variables:
- *_WRAPPER (wrapper script, libexec/daps-fop,
libexec/daps-xep by default)
- *_CONFIG (xml config file, etc/daps/xep/xep-daps.xml
and etc/daps/fop/fop-daps.xml by default. A specific
fop-daps.xml is installed for RedHat and SUSE by default)
- *_OPTIONS (Command line options)

* renaming of parameters and variables
- In order to make parameters and variables
"self-speaking" the following has been renamed:
- File ENV-file to DC-file (doc config file)
- Variable BASE_DIR to DOC_DIR (doc dir) =>
- Variable DTDROOT to DAPSROOT (daps installation

- command line switch --fop to --formatter
- command line switch -e/--envfile has been renamed to
-d/--docconfig (-e/--envfile will still be supported)

* global parameter --base_dir no longer supported

- Instead of specifying --base_dir with daps, you now
need to specify a full path (either relative or absolute)
to the DC-file. However, the "magic" that automatically
tries to determine the path to a DC-file when you do not
specify a path or not even a DC file, still applies.
Therefore you only need to specify a valid path to the
DC-file in cases where you would have used --base_dir with
previous DAPS versions.

* --main parameter / MAIN

- Instead of calling daps with -d/--docconfig you can
also directly specify a MAIN with --main=PATH. You need to
specify a valid relative or absolute path. If you just
specify a file name, ./xml/$MAIN is automatically assumed.

* packaging

The former DAPS version has been split into two packages:
- daps
- suse-xsl-stylesheets (SUSE stylesheets, NovDOC DTD,
SUSE aspell wordlist)

* other DAPS changes since 0.9.2 in brief:
- stylesheet images have been moved to fit the
directory structure used in the original stylesheets
- new variable STYLEDEVEL which can be used when
developing stylesheets. STYLEDEVEL _always_ takes
precedence over STYLEROOT and can be set in $USER_CONFIG
- Rewrote handling of profiling variables PROFARCH,
supported (formerly only PROFOS and PROFARCH were fully
- created catalog entry to resolve stylesheets in
- daps init has been moved to a separate script
- each SUSE stylesheet file now contains a short
overview of purpose and parameters
- lots of stylesheet bugfixes
- license: GPL 2.0 or 3.0 at your choice
- fixed target man for man-page generation; man pages
are not gzip'ed by default (unless you specify --nogzip);
manpage subdirectories (man1, man2,...) are no longer
created by default, but can rather be enabled via the
--subdirs switch
- new parameter --check for target epub checks build
with epubcheck
- added very basic DocBook5 support (with xslt 1.0
stylesheets only) still a lot to do on this front
- Default HTML format is now XHTML 1.0 (instead of HTML
4.01). Use --html4 to generate HTML 4.01
- auto generate SUSE HTML4 stylesheets from XHTML
- binaries that are only called from withion make have
been moved to libexec/

- Initial update for this package
- Adjusted rnc/rng generation in order to allow a custom
novdocx.rng that defines start tags allowed
- Version
- Added new SUSE logo from Scott Corfield
- Version 1.9.6:
- fo: Fixed xref to external target; use article title
instead of book title
- fo: Make formal titles float, but don't indent screen
(or other objects) Removed test for xep.extensions and
moved float=none and clear=both attributes to
fo/mode-object.title.markup.xsl (only needed for XEP)
- Version 1.9.5:
- removes suse aspell wordlist
- package is norach again
- Version 1.9.4:
- Replace Obsolete PI Mechanism for product names and
numbers Preliminary, need to test it
- Added setinfo in set for Novdoc DTD
- Version 1.9.3:
- Improve Space Between Formal Titles and Verbatim Text
- SUSE Branding: Quick Start Layout (I)
- SUSE Branding: Quick Start Layout (II)
- SUSE Branding: Stylesheets produce invalid HTML 4.01
- bnc#703489: Problems with Tables (reported upstream)
- bnc#706459: Distance Between Page Number and Left/Right
- bnc#706464: Space Between Figure/Procedure XYZ and Title
- bnc#706475: Some Issues with Callouts
- bnc#706479: Line Break in ulink Elements
- bnc#708637: susedoc/daps stylesheets produce invalid
HTML 4.01 Transitional (Moved to Ticket#68)
- Version 1.9.2:
- fixed SGML catalog entry generation when updating the
- fixed path to admon graphics in fo stylesheets
- added svg admonition graphics for fo builds
- Fixed empty fo:table-cell with fo:block to make FOP
- Added missing booktitlepage.color.logo parameter to fo
- Renamed obsolete dtdroot to styleroot in fo stylesheets
- fixed broken callout generation for XEP and FOP
* Added more flexibilty to flyer layout: headline url can
now be set per suse-quickstart pi with attribute url
- fixed %postun routine, so catalog entries only get
removed on a real package installation

- Improved webhelp
- Fixed Toc in PDF
- Installing aspell wordlist to libdir makes this package
- Fixed installation procedure for aspell wordlist
- aspell wordlist is now installed in teh correct place
- fixed path to fo draft image in fo stylesheets
- aspell-en-huge only seems to be available on x86-64,
making it a recommendation
- Moved suse-aspell wordlist from daps to this package
- Moved images/admon/* and images/navig/* to images/ in
order to restore compatability to the original DocBook
- Use absolute images paths in .fo files
- Added Catalog entries for the URI to
- Created general URI for SUSE XSLT Stylesheets
- More path fixes
- Fixed import paths for flyer and pocket
- Created fo subdirectories for flyer and pocket
- Includes must _not_ point to daps-xslt
- Added missing profiling stylesheet
- First stable version
- Stylesheet files were not packed
- Initial version of a seperate SUSE stylesheets package

- 758401: Manuals translate update for 12.1
- fix license to be in spdx format
- Update help_admin.xml

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Recommended Update use YaST online_update.
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

- openSUSE 12.1:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2012-341

To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

Package List:

- openSUSE 12.1 (noarch):



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