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05 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0694-1 (moderate): yast2-ncurses-pkg: This update fixes a problem with showing patterns and sorting of the them.
05 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0698-1 (low): kst: Update to final 2.0.0
05 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0699-1 (low): opensuse-manuals_en: General openSUSE documentation update
05 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0700-1 (low): opensuse-manuals_de: Update of the German Translation of the openSUSE Documentation
11 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0710-1 (important): perl-Bootloader: The update fixes an enumeration bug in perl-Bootloader
11 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0711-1 (low): wireless-tools: Fix crash in iwevent
11 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0712-1 (moderate): lilo: Fix device-mapper support
13 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0718-1 (low): kvm: Collective update for kvm
13 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0719-1 (low): pinentry: This update fixes a broken gpg password request on the command line.
19 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0739-1 (moderate): yast2-ldap-server: YaST fails to create a kerberos server configuration. Fixed by this update.
20 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0746-1 (important): php5: Fix regression in XML parser.
22 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0755-1 (important): choqok: Fixed for the new Twitter authentication APIs
27 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0899-1 (low): whois: Command fails if the output contains non ASCII-US characters. Fixed by this update.
27 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0900-1 (low): hdparm: "" does not work with some SSD drives. Fixed by this update
27 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0901-1 (low): info: Fixed a problem where the info directory is empty
27 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0907-1 (low): tomcat6: It does not have permissions to its own directories. Fixed by this update.
28 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0918-1 (low): aaa_base: A broken disabling of swap partitions on LVM is fixed by this update
28 Oct openSUSE-RU-2010:0920-1 (low): kvm: Collective update for kvm


01 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0691-1 (important): okular security update
08 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0706-1 (critical): acroread security update
11 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0709-1 (moderate): krb5 security update
11 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0632-3 (critical): mozilla-xulrunner191: Security update to
13 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0720-1 (important): SLE11 SP1
13 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0723-1 (moderate): libHX: buffer overflow in HX_split()
14 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0726-1 (important): freetype2 security update
15 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0727-1 (moderate): squid: remote crash by trusted client
15 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0728-1 (moderate): opera: Opera 10.63 security update
15 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0730-1 (important): mysql security update
15 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0731-1 (important): mysql security update
15 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0732-1 (moderate): OpenOffice_org security update
15 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0734-1 (important): kernel: security and bugfix update.
17 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0736-1 (moderate): mipv6d security update
18 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0738-1 (important): Linux Kernel: security and bugfix update
21 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0754-1 (critical): java-1_6_0-sun: Security Update to U22
22 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0756-1 (moderate): festival security update
26 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0895-1 (critical): SLES11
27 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0902-1 (critical): kernel: security and bugfix update.
27 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0903-1 (moderate): postgesql security update
27 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0904-1 (moderate): mozilla-nss: Update to current version for security and other fixes
27 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0906-1 (critical): seamonkey: Update to version 3.0.9
27 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0909-1 (moderate): php5-pear-mail security update
27 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0912-1 (important): glibc: Security update to fix security problems
28 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0913-1 (important): glibc: Security update to fix various security problems and bugs
28 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0914-1 (important): glibc: Security update to fix various security problems and bugs
28 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0917-1 (important): bind: DNSSEC denial of service via a recursive validating server (CVE-2010-0213)
28 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0919-1 (critical): Linux Kernel: security and bugfix update
28 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0921-1 (moderate): clamav update to version 0.96.3
29 Oct openSUSE-SU-2010:0923-1 (low): dovecot security update
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